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I started with eLief Magento Hosting middle tier package when I was developing the site but as things became operational it quickly became apparent that eLief just simply would not cut it without going to a full VPS. That said it served its purpose for the time needed being reasonable service for very low price. Then spent a few years with Nexcess Magento Hosting middle tier package which is arguably very good it has excellent customer service. However when MageMojo first made their services available, I appreciated their complete focus and specialization in Magento, newer technology in terms of solid-state drives, and ultimately and most importantly more bandwidth included in the package price as with Nexcess I kept paying almost twice as much as my package price for the extra bandwidth used. MageMojo has been extremely responsive to email tickets, or tickets generated on their website. They have little to no response to phone calls tickets until they check the voicemail which is sometimes frustrating when I just need something quick, whereas Nexcess always answer the phone and got you to someone knowledgeable without getting the runaround. So as long as you accept working via email or webpage, MageMojo offers great service, responsive Magento sites, specialization and what they do, and ultimately is a better value for small business running an 10GB-12GB Magento e-commerce website that is fairly bandwidth hungry at about 150 GB per month. Previously with Nexcess I was constantly monitoring security settings and robots file to block unwanted traffic, since switching to MageMojo I have not worried about it and it has not been an issue. I believe they block the bad stuff proactively for you which is really nice and worth switching for by itself.
Magemojo has surpassed our expectations with their hosting services. The price we pay for the hosting is the best value we have ever experienced. We have no need to upgrade to another service like AWS because we do not want to miss out on the expert customer support, and easy scaling options they offer should we ever need to upgrade. The technical support for Magemojo is what really makes them stand out from the rest. Got a hosting/Magento issue? 99% of the time, the support ticket you open, is literally answered within 15 minutes. The technical support staff is very knowledgeable in servers, networks, and above all else, the Magento eco-system. They will even debug the issue that you caused unknowingly instead of telling you to deal with it yourself like the other hosts do. They also have an auto-patch system in place in case of security releases. There is no other host I know of that does all this. We have been a Magemojo customer well over 3 years going on 4, and we plan on mutually growing with them.
Many hosting companies claim they're the 'best', so we were hesitant to believe MageMojo would be any different than 'the other guys' who all seem to have fallen short for us and our needs. After having used MageMojo, they've proven they truly are the best out there - despite their affordable pricing! As with any host, the real test comes when you're having problems that need to be solved yesterday - And MagoMojo has always delivered for us with flying colors. Not only have they responded extremely quickly to every single ticket, but they've often generously given their time to help us solve issues that had nothing to do with their hosting. How many other hosting companies would do that? We are sold on their customer service - honestly really pleased with these guys, and our complex Magento based site (lots of custom add-ons) is fast! There's a reason we've stayed with the guys at MageMojo for years - they're the best!
We use Magemojo's hosting services to run our clothing business which runs off of Magento. I can easily say that Magemojo has been the best hosting experience I have ever dealt with. I have used many other hosting services throughout my long career as a web developer and none of them even come close to the quality you get with using Magemojo. The customer service Magemojo provides is top notch. They have responded to me within the hour every time I sent them a message. They got me through some database issues, as well as a handful of other issues, and gave me tips to improve my website's performance. I do not usually write testimonials for services I use but I feel like I have to let people know this is a top notch company. Their customer service team allows my business partner and I to have peace of mind when dealing with anything hosting and performance related. Again, amazing job to you Magemojo!!
We recently left another hosting service mostly because the difficulty to communicate and get REAL help... not to mention the over bloated prices. Before coming to MageMojo we were getting very cynical about the whole situation, but the people at MageMojo have turned that around. At MageMojo we always get help almost instantly - And I mean real help! Not a call center replying with useless phrases from a list while you're drowning, but someone at Mojo who is actually qualified will give you the personal attention required...And things get done correctly & fast! You can't beat the prices or the small company feel when you get the personal attention required, especially when dealing with something as sensitive as your company's face on the internet. I know I couldn't be happier since switching to MageMojo, and I'm sure you would appreciate them just as much.
Before we acquired MageMojo's services, we were using an independent hosting service provider that was constantly trying to help us with making our website faster. Out of frustration, we researched multiple companies and couldn't be happier with choosing MageMojo. Their sales department helped choose which of their plans was best and our website was noticeably faster once we switched to their servers. Our increase in sales due to the website speed has made it well worth their affordable packages. The support is the reason that I would never use another host again....their staff always knows what's wrong with our website and provides suggestions to resolve the problems. Support responses are always within minutes! It's a must to have a Magento hosting provider if you use Magento, and after weeks of research, MageMojo proved to be the best!
I saw MageMojo hosting's google ads three years ago, at which time I was also looking at Nexcess and a few other affordable Magento optimized hosting providers. MageMojo provided clear and practical information on their website about their network, data center, hardware and service response time. No BS or fancy marketing gimmicks, just details that made sense to me who was struggling with Magento's biggest challenge - speed. I decided to give them a try, and three years later today, I'm still as happy and satisfied as day one. Three things stood out for me: SSD storage, affordable price, and support response within minutes. I have since recommended to at least two other parties, who migrated to MageMojo hosting and their Magento site performance had improved by leaps and bounds.
Small business and start-ups are always in second plan, when it comes in technical support. Every now and then I see people asking what is the best Magento host solution. Everyone goes with the most famous first, but end up with a big problem which is handling technical issues and advanced settings, which requires skilled workers, and a lot of time, money and effort. That is why I recommend MageMojo. Technical staff is very hard to find in my area, and I pretty glad that I have choosed MageMojo as my hosting partner. The support is fast and effective. Once we move to the MageMojo, technical issues are no longer a big concern for us. The answers usually arrive in minutes, no matter the size of the problem, the staff is always willing to help.
We had a lot of experience with other servers around the world, but knowledge in Magento as the engineers from Magemojo we cannot find in other provider. If you need open a ticket to solve a issue and received a answer in 5 minutes, only here you can. If you need fix a error in your side and you have a doubt, you can talk with the technical support, maybe they will gives you orientation to solve the issue in 1 or 2 steps, if you try to find in the internet a similar solution for the same issue, you will find long procedures that is not necessary, then you will understand how much the Magemojo team is professional and specialist. Don't spend your money and time with other company, we are here for some years, we know what we are saying.
The nature of our business is such that we rely heavily on multiple third party vendors and services. Of those, Magemojo has been with us since our inception and remains our absolute favorite provider. Their service is reasonably priced and reliable, yes, but it's their support that seals the deal. The 24/7 15 minute turnaround on support requests is imperative for those of us working odd hours. Combine that with their patience and willingness to answer all questions, even if out of scope, and it becomes clear why they're our favorite! Keep it up, guys!
We're fortunate! We have consistent communication with the support staff at MageMojo, for all the right reasons. Thankfully, we're growing, we have activity and such activity requires the help of MageMojo. They allow us to concentrate on our business. Whatever our needs, they are always there to assist (and very quickly). We don't consider MageMojo is merely, our "service provider", truthfully, there are our partner. Thanks to the Mojo team for all your continuous support (and anyone that works with them knows exactly what I mean). AA
Uptime for my website is critical since my business is 100% eCommerce based. If my site is down, I lose money. Since hosting with MageMojo, I have had no downtime. Whenever I have questions about services, upgrades, or site issues, the staff is quick to respond and extremely effective in answering my questions. The hosting is extremely fast, which is a necessity to rank well with Google. My favorite thing about their customer support since they always respond back within 15 minutes or less, which is awesome. MageMojo rocks! I'm a customer for life!
I switched to Magemojo in an attempt to decrease the load times of my Magento sites. One site in particular was causing problems. Simply by switching to Magemojo the load time of a catalogue page went from > 7s to < 2s. I've contacted their support 48 times in the last 17 months. Each time they've replied within 15 minutes, either with an immediate solution or to say they're looking into it, and the solution has followed quickly afterwards. I could not be happier with the product and service I've received from Magemojo.
Tuff Supplies has been with Magemojo for over 2 years now and we were approached by many hosting companies for their services with many times showing a substantial monthly savings... we have declined them all. The service and support Magemojo provides is priceless. At Magemjo there is no difference if it is over the weekend or after hours service has always been very impressive. Not to mention, their reliability is #1 with consent improvements and enhancements. It sure sounds like they never sleep.
As Customer Outreach and Marketing Manager for a web-based business, I inherited all facets of our site and its security when I started. Our site is very good and our systems secure, but internal documentation was lacking, so it was a long learning curve for me to get up to speed with all that I needed. MageMojo has been a huge help, with billing and upgrade specifics as well as general knowledge that enhanced my ability to do my job. I think I gave them all the stars I could. I certainly meant to.
I have been thoroughly impressed by Magemojo. I have utilized some of the other dedicated hosts in the past and never seen servers anywhere near as fast as Magemojo for Magento... and often at a third of the price I've found. They simply know their stuff, period. They have consistently responded to every request within 15 minutes, and have in my opinion been willing to go above and beyond. Very impressed. I love what these guys are bringing to the table and would not hesitate to recommend them.
Honestly, have had some bad run-ins with "Magento" hosts in the past, but decided to give Mage Mojo a shot after hearing great things and meeting with their team. Beyond knowing the platform inside and out and providing customer service that goes above and beyond, the servers run blisteringly fast. Can't stress enough how happy we are, it's also enabled us to do much more with Magento Community than we ever anticipated possible. Thanks guys, will keep sending people your way.
MageMojo has been OUTSTANDING with their Magento web hosting service for our business! I would recommend them to anyone that has a Magento site and needs hosting. Their customer service team is SUPER FAST and very helpful in answering any questions you might have. Our website is super fast and we never have to wait for a page to load like we did with previous hosting companies. Pick MageMojo as your Magento hosting company and they will definitely exceed your expectations!
We are customers Magemojo for more than one year, never had a problem with server outage, our shop is well ranked playlist on google due to high performance and speed score that Magemojo provides. We are 100% satisfied with the service and support that in less than five minutes always answered all our questions and requests. In terms of security are also pleased because Magemojo proactively apply all security patches that offers magento. Thank You!
We moved to MageMojo after being highly unsatisfied with our previous hosting company. Since we made the move, our page load times have been drastically improved. They've worked with us, and our developer, on multiple occasions to ensure our site is running at peak performance. I can't speak highly enough of MageMojo and would gladly recommend them to anyone exploring Magento hosting. Also, don't be worried about the migration process, it was a breeze!
I love working with Magemojo support. The always respond within 15 minutes no matter what the request is. If it can't be fixed on the spot they will still get back stating when it will be fixed. Also Magemojo focus is Magento only unlike other providers who host anything and everything. The support team has bailed me a number of times even on Magento issues that are outside of general support. Magemojo is hands down the best host for Magento!
I have used MageMojo for about 4 years now. I would never go anywhere else. They have helped me install SSL's, helped with hacked websites, domain registration and of course, the hosting. It's almost like having a team of people working for you. You get much more than hosting when you sign up with them. Every person that I know that has a Magento site, I tell to switch over to MageMojo. Great company and great people working there.
I have been with Mage Mojo for 3 years now and their support team is like no other. I have to see a ticket go un answered for more than 3 minutes. Every ticket we email them gets answered in near real time and usually is resolved in that same ticket. They have even gone beyond their scope to help us to ensure that our server is to par and their knowledge of magento is insanely fantastic. You're in good hands with Mage Mojo!
Our web developer chose Magento to build our site but when we complained about 10 sec load times we were told that's the downside of Magento. After a year of frustration WE found Magemojo and made the switch. Our page load times went down to about 1 second! Whenever we need help the guys are there day and night and always willing to go above and beyond to solve an issue. Magemojo is a critical partner in our online business.
My firm specializes in Magento sites and we recommend all our clients to host with Magemojo. They offer great service and fast servers at a great price. I really like that they are knowledgeable not only about Magento hosting but Magento as well. Most other hosts that don't specialize in Magento lack this combined experience. This can make a world of difference when troubleshooting. I highly recommend MageMojo.

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