The Webscale Partner Program

At Webscale STRATUS, we’ve grown our business right alongside our clients and stand by our mastery of the Magento platform. That is why there isn’t anyone as trusted with Magento hosting than the knowledgeable team at Webscale STRATUS.

Interested in joining our partner program? See all the program has to offer and find out how partnering with Webscale STRATUS can benefit you below.

Why become a partner?

We go above and beyond to bring success to the merchants who host with us, and we prefer to partner with organizations that echo our values. We are not just another affiliate link repository. We work with our partners to maximize their success and guarantee that their referrals are satisfied with the service we provide. We are here to make your life easier by making you a hero to your customers.

Current Benefits

Let's get down to business; we know you want to know the payout commission. While you examine the payout structure, keep in mind that Webscale STRATUS is a fully managed, Tier 1, Magento-specific hosting provider. We have been solely hosting Magento for over 10 years. During that length of time, there is nothing we have not seen and our support goes deeper into your unique site set up than anyone in the game. We are truly here for you and your clients, however you want us to support those relationships.

Magento Hosting by Magento Experts

Our partners will receive our industry-defining Magento hosting along with the most knowledgeable and skilled support team in the business. Did we mention our 15 minute SLA?

Magento Experts

We handle the Migration

Our dedicated and knowledgeable white-glove Concierge Migrations Engineers will handle your entire migration, free of charge.


We love to optimize and make sites faster. With an initial copy of your client's site, we will test and tune and test some more until it's fully optimal and ready for the real world.

Waived contract

Waived setup fees and no contracts for all

We make the business decisions of platform testing a no brainer with no business risk to you with our free migration, no contracts, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Before you get your merchant locked into a contract with no way out, let us show you how Magento hosting is done.

Slack Channel

For our partners with 2500 in billable accounts.

Direct access to our shift leads with a 5 minute response time as well as the ability to influence our development path with company leadership.

slack channel
Referral Website

Referral Website

Partners will receive a unique referral URL to add to their websites to make referrals as easy as possible.

Marketing Materials

Webscale STRATUS will provide each partner with informational text, marketing content, media, service descriptions, and other resources that may help partners market to prospective customers and refer customer opportunities.

Marketing Materials

Reciprocity is important to us

When applicable, Webscale STRATUS will refer its own customers to partners for services outside of what Webscale STRATUS offers.

Tell us about your business and what your ideal customer is, we would be happy to send your customers to our trusted partners.

Meet Our Partners

Meet the current Webscale Partners that have helped Magento become the industry defining standard in Magento Hosting.

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