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Recover a account or server

If your server or account with us was managed by a 3rd party such as an IT contractor or web developer/firm, you may one day move on to another person or they may leave your employment.  And in these cases, our customers find themselves with a site hosted on a server they are paying for but cannot control.

Should you need to recover an account, we first ask that you try to get the former manager of your account, on your end, to hand over access. Then you can update all the contact information, emails, and passwords related to your account.

Switching an account to a new owner

Example: Dave, our IT guy, has announced he is moving to Nepal, where he will have no internet connection, and wants to hand the account over before he leaves. 

  1. Have the current account owner log into with their email/password at
  2. On the initial login page, there is a section titled Account Information, click the gear icon next to Contact Information
  3. The current account owner should update the email here to whatever you need it to be.
  4. Once the new email is saved, the current owner can send a password that you can then change to log in, or you can use the forgotten password link at to set your own
  5. The account is now in the new email’s name, and you can update all the billing profiles and contact information

The current owner is gone, and we need the account back

Example: Dave, our IT guy, managed everything for us, but he moved to Nepal and has no internet connection. Can we have the account in our name?

If you cannot get in touch with the listed owner on the account, we will need this information to switch to a new email for you.

  • Last four digits of the CC used for the most recent payment on the server
  • The billing address associated with the above server

We may ask additional questions as warranted. There are almost no exceptions to this rule as we must be absolutely confident you are authorized to take over the account for security and privacy reasons. If you need this done, please contact our support.