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How to take a screenshot

Many times we get tickets that include a smartphone camera picture of a computer monitor. These pictures are blurry, titled and unreadable.  They are also sometimes included in a Word document or other unnecessary packaging.

Instead of using a camera to take a picture of a screen like someone trying to pirate a movie – follow the guides below for each operating system to take crystal clear images to send screenshots to our support team.


You can use the Printscreen key to take a full screenshot of your desktop then paste it with Ctrl+V into a utility like MSPaint, then save it to an image file and attach it to any email or ticket.

The snipping tool is also useful for taking screenshots.

  1. Hit the Windows Key to bring up the start menu search (Windows 10)
  2. Type snipping to search for the snipping tool, you will see it in the list.
  3. A small window will open for the tool. Click New.
  4. The screen will grey out, click and drag a box around the content you want to save.
  5. Use the Save button in the snipping tool to save the screenshot to a file.

Mac OS



You are using Linux for your desktop/laptop primary OS, figure it out.