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MageMojo Customer Accounts

Welcome to MageMojo Hosting, the fastest hosting you can find for Magento.  But as with Magento, not everything can be simple and there are many things specific to our hosting that may not be obvious at first.  Never fear, this guide and KB is here to help, but you can always contact support@magemojo.com/kb to work with our staff directly.

Accounts and access at MageMojo

After your initial order, we will provision your server, which can take several hours, and longer if there is a site migration involved.  Once provisioning is complete, you will see an entry under your customer login at MageMojo.com.  This login we will refer to as the account owner or customer account and it uses the same email you ordered your server under.  To log into your customer account, go to https://magemojo.com/kb/magento/customer/account/login/

If you have forgotten your password, please use the forgotten password link.

Upon login, you should see a screen with some information about your account, such as recent billing, and multiple menu items.  The two areas you will use the most are My Tickets and My Servers


Account Dashboard

The main login page at MageMojo.com

Account Information

Here you can set the name on the account and email address. Note that if you change the email address your login username also changes, since it is the email address itself.

Address Book

For users with multiple servers at MageMojo, this lets you manage various billing addresses.

My Orders

If you need a list of past charges and orders, visit this area. Each order can be selected individually by clicking on the order number. PDF invoices are also available after selecting the order.

Old Tickets

If you were a MageMojo customer prior to September 2015, you can see your old ticket history here.

Newsletter Subscriptions

Sign up for MageMojo updates and news by checking the appropriate box!

My Servers

This section lists your various servers and monitoring information and numerous other details for you.

My Email Log

This section contains emails we send for new servers such as account information details and migration instructions. This is separate from our ticket system.

Payment Profiles

Payment profiles let you configure what credit card and billing information you use to pay for a given service.  If you only have one server under an account, this can be used to swap through various cards, otherwise, it is meant for our customers managing multiple servers.

My Referral Information

MageMojo offers affiliate commissions, if you have referred other customers to us, then you can view your current balance here.

My Tickets

Here you can visit our Zendesk portal and contact support@magemojo.com/kb. You can also email us directly.

Updated on July 13, 2017

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