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Access Block Bots

Extra "spiders" and indexing agent can increase site session traffic. Many are not useful and simply sap server resources.

Stratus gives you the ability to restrict bots by listing their User-Agent in this panel.

Edit Bots List

Remember, user-agents added to this list will be blocked from accessing the website.

  1. Go to Access > Block Bots in the Stratus sidebar menu.
  2. Add any user-agent you wish to the list. Each agent should be on a separate line. Each user-agent listed will block any user-agent that contains the name in the list.
  3. Click Update to save changes.

A user-agent value of "baidu" will block any user-agent containing "baidu" such as "baidu-agent," "baiduuserfromsomewhere," or "somebaiduagent."

Sometimes you don’t want that extra spider hitting your site.  Here you can block any user agent.  Please note this block works by matching the string. In the screenshot below any user agent containing baidu or megaindex in the agent string will be blocked.