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Recommended Cookie Settings

In Magento 1 under System->Configuration->Web then Session Cookie Management you will see a form like this:


In general, we recommend the following settings –

  • Lifetime at least 86400 (1 day)
  • Path /
  • Cookie domain exactly matches your domain or is if you are using www in your domain name
  • HTTP Only Yes
  • Cookie Restriction Mode No

The cookie domain can cause problems such as

  • Failed customer logins
  • Broken carts (products won’t add)
  • Cart empties on page load
  • Cart empties at checkout
  • Cannot log into the Magento backend/admin

Because of this, you may need to try various cookie domain settings depending on your exact site URL. For example, a sub-domain typically requires the cookie domain to match the sub-domain i.e. exactly

If this is set to yes, users visiting with cookies disabled will be redirected to the /enable-cookies page your Magento install. This is detailed in the Magento documentation at