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Other CDNs

This article is in reference to proxy services like CloudFlare, Sucuri, Fastly, and

When using other proxy services you introduce routing complexities. A request to a store will first route through your proxy provider’s edge location, then to the CloudFront edge location and on to the AWS home region.

In these cases, STRATUS has no control ofd the full request flow. Support becomes more difficult due to a lost of visibility and diagnostics for systems outside of STRATUS.

In some cases, these services develop technical issues of their own, from routing/request failures or customer misconfigurations. Adding the additional proxy increases latency on every request to your store.

It is not recommended to use varnish on the CDN edge. Varnish at the edge is only delivering the tiny compressed html page which might reduce speeds by mere milleseconds, yet add additional issues, such as:

  • additional latency for everyone you introduce
  • additional points of failure
  • another service to learn and support
  • extra monthly fees.

To use Cloudflare as a proxy service, review these instructions.