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Site Changes Not Appearing


If product or theme changes on a Magento 2 site are not showing, there are numerous caches that might need to be cleared. In no particular order, check all of these sources:

  • Re-deploy static files (clear pub/static, then deploy)
  • Re-compile or reset production mode (this also clears static files)
  • Flush and clean the Magento 2 cache
  • Clear the local browser cache or test with an incognito tab in Chrome or private tab in Firefox
  • Use /usr/share/stratus/cli cache.all.clear

Clearing Varnish

The easiest way to do clear Vanish without root access:

  1. Go to Varnish > Info in the STRATUS Admin panel.
  2. Click Flush Cache.

Reinit Autoscaling or ZDD

If autoscaling is on and ZDD (Zero Downtime Deployment) is not enabled, the changes are in a folder that is included in the autoscaling configuration, the autoscaling may need reinitializing. To reinitialize, run the /usr/share/stratus/cli autoscaling.reinit command.

If ZDD is enabled, you will need to run the commands to make your new code live. /usr/share/stratus/cli zerodowntime.init then /usr/share/stratus/cli zerodowntime.switch