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Magento 2 Cron

The cron functionality in Magento 2 is problematic and doesn't consistently work at a dependable level. To satisfy this issue, MageMojo created and supports its own Magento 2 Cron extension.

NOTE: All Magento 2 stores hosted on STRATUS are required to install the MageMojo Cron extension.

MageMojo's engineers have completely rewritten the Magento 2 cron functionality to fix the inherent bugs and to be much more resistant to failure.

The MageMojo Cron extension is free to install and may be installed by the store owner or developer, or MageMojo will install the extension at no additional cost.

To request an installation by MageMojo, please open a support ticket in your MageMojo account dashboard.

To download the extension for self-installation, visit the MageMojo M2 Cron extension GitHub.