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Stratus Email and Amazon SES

Mojo Stratus does not allow you to host email accounts. Stratus uses Amazon’s Simple Email Service to deliver your transactional or store emails.

If you need proper email hosting, you must use a 3rd party service, with no exceptions.  We recommend Google Apps but there are many different email providers to fit your needs. However, since SES is built in to Stratus, adding an external SES account to Route53 records will not work, and cannot be supported.

Please note that SES will only work when the following requirements are met:

  • Your domain is live/validated with GA sessions. This launches the cron services and allows the cron jobs to run, which are responsible for sending most mail from Magento 1/2
  • Your domain has its DNS updated to use our Route 53 implementation OR you have copied over the proper SES records to your 3rd party DNS provider. Our support can provide these records and they are visible in the DNS zone for your domain via your Stratus panel

Due to those requirements, you may find emails and crons not working during testing and this is normal.