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Webscale STRATUS Email

Webscale STRATUS does not include a mail server component for providing POP and IMAP email service. However, using Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES), STRATUS can deliver your transactional store emails, such as invoice receipts, shipping notifications, etc.

For SES to work with your STRATUS environment,

  • Your domain must be live and validated with Google Analytics sessions. This allows the cron services to launch and run. Cron services are responsible for handling most email sent by Magento stores.
  • Your domain must have its Domain Name Server (DNS) updated to use the MageMojo Route 53 implementation or the proper SES DNS records have been added to your 3rd party DNS management provider. The necessary DNS records are visible in the Status Control Panel or you may contact Webscale STRATUS Support for assistance.

Since cron services may not work in development or test environments, you may find that emails may not work in these instances, as well.

For sending and receiving other emails for your domain, you must use a 3rd party service. We recommend Google Suite, but there are many other email providers. Other SES accounts will not work with STRATUS.