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AWS and Stratus

AWS is home to Mojo Stratus. We do not use any other cloud providers.  Our service abstracts away managing AWS, and you’ll never spend any time in the AWS console.

Amazon EC2

EC2 is the flagship product of AWS. It provides the raw hardware needed to run any service, including Mojo Stratus.  The underlying physical nodes for all Mojo Stratus stores are EC2 instances. The micro-services running your store run on EC2 instances.

Learn direct from Amazon.

Amazon CloudFront

All Mojo Stratus stores have the Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) included..  Traffic for every store routes through a CloudFront distribution.  Then static assets cache automatically.

MageMojo manages the asset behaviors. There is no configuration required from your end, as a customer.  We take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Learn more about CloudFront at Amazon.

Amazon WAF

On top of every Stratus environment’s CloudFront distribution we have custom WAF rules to protect sites against malicious and unnecessary traffic.  Not all the restrictions are public.  Our general limits are in our limits page.

Read more at Amazon.

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Amazon SES is included with your Mojo Stratus store.  Domains added to an enviroment per Stratus URLs List and Domains each get validated with SES. However, for a domain to be validated requires you use our Route 53 solution (see DNS Best Practices) . Otherwise, please contact our support for the require SES DNS records you need to add at your 3rd party DNS host.