MHM Dedicated Plans Ending – Increased Performance w/ Stratus Cloud

Eric Hileman

December 12, 2018
MHM Dedicated Plans Ending – Increased Performance w/ Stratus Cloud

We’ve made the difficult decision to shut down our dedicated server plans on March 1, 2019. As you may know, we have not offered dedicated server plans since last year. While we understand the impact this will have on our customers, shutting down these plans will allow us to focus on improving and adding new features to our latest cloud product, Mojo Stratus.

Our mission has always been to deliver a world-class product for Magento stores. That is why we offered our own hand-picked hardware for years. First with plans using cPanel and then our own server management panel, Mojo Host Manager. Cloud architecture has caught up to bespoke server builds and we are proud to say that Mojo Stratus will half your response times compared to our dedicated hardware. Put another way, your performance will AT LEAST double, guaranteed.

The results speak for themselves, below are graphs from live stores we host showing New Relic average response times before and after the switch, denoted by the red line. After moving to Stratus their sites loaded faster and became more stable, while being able to handle more traffic than ever before.




The Mojo Stratus platform is built entirely on the AWS cloud stack and is hosted on Amazon’s hardware and instances. It utilizes containers to automatically scale for a given store as needed. This means that you no longer have to worry about Ram or CPU restrictions.

We’ve also included Autoscaling, CDN, Web Application Firewall and DDoS protection as part of Mojo Stratus. We use a utility pricing model so that you only pay for what you use. Our Mojo Stratus plans start at $98 per month plus monthly sessions and storage.

We know that you will have a lot of questions about Mojo Stratus. We’ve put together a FAQ document with more information. If you still have further questions or concerns, simply reply to this email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

If you wish to sign up today and start the migration process, you can do so at

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