Load In The Loop: Episode 14 – JW

Jordan Griffey

May 14, 2020
Load In The Loop: Episode 14 – JW

Load In the Loop: Episode 14 is here! Join Eric Hileman and Ivan Chepurnyi as they identify and fix some performance issues for JW. What will they find? Can they fix it? 

Watch now to find out!

Sponsored by blackfire: https://blackfire.io/

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Ivan: ivan.chepurnyi@ecomdev.org, @IvanChepurnyi
Eric: litl@magemojo.com, @ericvhileman

Table of Contents

00:032:00 infortis ultramegamenu

00:35:00 new product cms block

00:36:30 query on whole catalog to show only new products

00:40:30 remove menu generation for esi

00:42:00 composer autoload not optimized

00:42:30 config cache isn’t working (cleared by cron?)

00:52:30 try smile elasticsuite (instead of shopby)

00:53:00 algolia called on cat page (again switch to elasticsuite)

01:05:30 remove plugin super_link if possible

01:12:30 many customer cart loads at checkout

01:14:00 ls omni 3 erp calls on checkout

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