IT’Sugar is Sweet on MageMojo’s Expertise

Eric Hileman

March 22, 2021
IT’Sugar is Sweet on MageMojo’s Expertise
Steve Parris
Steve Parris
Vice President of IT

“They’re quite helpful,” declared Steve Parris, Vice President of IT for IT’Sugar, a national confectionery retailer when asked about MageMojo. “They really know us.”

For the past five years, IT’Sugar has hosted its flagship website,, at MageMojo. “Ever since we first launched with Magento 1, we’ve hosted with MageMojo,” said Parris. “The big reason we stay with MageMojo is that they bring to the table known customer solutions for whatever issues Magento may have, whether they’re a bug in the platform or simply an improvement in performance.”

In 2020, Parris noticed a tremendous increase in “carding” attempts on the website. Thousands of attempts to use their website to test the validity of possibly stolen credit card numbers. The added traffic greatly affected the server by loading the system and taking advantage of a flaw in Magento’s previous version of Magento 2 (this flaw has since been addressed in the current version).

To help Parris combat this onslaught of bogus orders coming from a wide variety of ever-changing IP addresses, MageMojo support installed an “autoban” tool that monitors the Nginx logs to match valid customers against bogus ones and automatically filter the bad IP addresses. After the pro-active action by MageMojo’s support team, Parris said traffic dropped back down to normal levels. MageMojo did not charge IT’Sugar for their time in implementing this feature, either. As Eric Hileman, MageMojo CEO explained, “we do whatever it takes to ensure our customers can deliver their Magento stores efficiently from a hosting perspective. It’s just part of the normal service.”

Parris agrees, “MageMojo is really quite patient with us, and their response time is very good.” He added, “There are probably more ways to leverage MageMojo’s Magento expertise than I’m using.”

Beyond the website, Parris and his team also manage the Magento installations for and “We offered to take these iconic branded sites on because we can trust MageMojo’s hosting to perform as needed.”

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shika paramesh
2 months ago

Thank you for providing this information. It is quite beneficial.

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