An Open Letter: Our Response to the Current Epidemic

Eric Hileman

March 21, 2020
An Open Letter: Our Response to the Current Epidemic

Hello Magento enthusiasts. Whether you’re a merchant client of MageMojo or you’re a developer who is building a Magento solution for your client on our cloud platform, we feel it’s extremely important that we take a moment to let you know how MageMojo is positioned to assist you during the current Coronavirus outbreak.

Fortunately, MageMojo has always been built on attracting the very best talent in the business and allowing them to work remotely. It not only keeps our team happier and more productive, but it also provides for a lean overhead which allows us to pass the savings onto our customers.

During this current crisis, MageMojo will extend its legendary 15-minute Support Response SLA to all clients, regardless of the plan. We will also continue to move toward the release of Stratus 3 next month and provide unequaled, expert support for our developer partners and agencies.

We understand that not all hosting providers are able to continue without interruption, and we extend our best wishes to our colleagues in this industry who are transitioning from in-office to remote teams. If we can be of any assistance in sharing best practices for the management of remote teams, please let us know.

The Magento industry is the responsibility of all of us: merchants, agencies, developers, and Adobe. Together we can continue to enable online businesses to flourish.

For the entire global MageMojo team, allow me to extend our heartfelt support to all who are affected by this pandemic. We want only the very best outcome for all.

Eric Hileman

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