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I have used MageMojo for about 4 years now. I would never go anywhere else. They have helped me install SSL's, helped with hacked websites, domain registration and of course, the hosting. It's almost like having a team of people working for you. You get much more than hosting when you sign up with them. Every person that I know that has a Magento site, I tell to switch over to MageMojo. Great company and great people working there.
I have been with Mage Mojo for 3 years now and their support team is like no other. I have to see a ticket go un answered for more than 3 minutes. Every ticket we email them gets answered in near real time and usually is resolved in that same ticket. They have even gone beyond their scope to help us to ensure that our server is to par and their knowledge of magento is insanely fantastic. You're in good hands with Mage Mojo!
Our web developer chose Magento to build our site but when we complained about 10 sec load times we were told that's the downside of Magento. After a year of frustration WE found Magemojo and made the switch. Our page load times went down to about 1 second! Whenever we need help the guys are there day and night and always willing to go above and beyond to solve an issue. Magemojo is a critical partner in our online business.
My firm specializes in Magento sites and we recommend all our clients to host with Magemojo. They offer great service and fast servers at a great price. I really like that they are knowledgeable not only about Magento hosting but Magento as well. Most other hosts that don't specialize in Magento lack this combined experience. This can make a world of difference when troubleshooting. I highly recommend MageMojo.
Our web develope set us up with hosting at Nexcess but we were not pleased with the speed of our Magento store. After lots of research we moved to MageMojo and have been happy with the speed and performance of our site and the fast and responsive customer service and support. MageMojo offers a lot of support that helps us keep our site optimized without paying for costly development hours.
After using another hosting company for close to a year with numerous performance issues, downtime and paying a higher price, I made the switch to Majemojo. My developer suggested them and it was the best decision I have made in quite some time. I now have fast page load times, excellent customer support, and my site traffic is coming back, and more importantly....more frequent sales.
What can be said about a hosting company that not only provides a premium service to its clients, but that is also there when we need them 24/7? One word, Amazing! Case in point, employee accidentally deleted all of the products from our Magento store, 10 minutes later Magemojo had our entire inventory recovered. I can't say enough about them as a company and the service they provide!
We were forced into Stratus Cloud. Process was confusing and we ran a 2 page ticket and 72 hours to get back to where we were before the forced move. Support staff was knowledgeable, courteous and professional through the whole experience (as always). I am not a network genius (glad MageMojo is). Lost a couple days of my life fretting over the whole thing. Very stressful.
Ever since Melissaeyewear.com has joined Magemojo.com , about 5 years ago, we sleep well at night. Knowing that magemojo has our back, backs up our site nightly and are looking out for us, we are worry free - as far as our site is concerned. Whenever an issue comes up, we get an immediate response, and all issues are dealt with professionally and efficiently. Thanks guys.
Mage Mojo is excellent! They have been a great fit for our hosting services. They're inexpensive and we receive great hosting from them. The thing that we are most impressed with is how fast they respond to the help desk, and how quickly they get each task completed. If you're looking for a great hosting plan with even better service, than I would definitely recommend Mage Mojo.
MageMojo has been a terrific host for our clients. The first site we moved over went from 1100ms to 600ms response time! They know Magento and how to set up the various environment settings to properly match your site. We had a few common issues during setup which was expected and they knocked them out fast and made me look good to my clients. Glad I found these guys!
MageMojo are the premiere Magento website hosts around. They are truly experts in hosting Magento sites and provide an amazing level of support. Their response time to support requests is within minutes as opposed to others which often take hours. I have and will continue to recommend them to others who need reliable and fast hosting for their Magento sites.
I have been with MageMojo for a couple of years, and have been consistently impressed with the customer service, website monitoring, and most of all the speed of our site on their servers. I like the dedicated resources and easy scalability they offer, which means we never have to worry about other users hogging up resources like on shared servers.
My sites hosted on magemojo.com, when we visit it, its access speed is not stable, sometimes I can quickly open, sometimes very slow. Well, their customer service timely solve the problem. We have been using it for more than one year, if it can provide a more cheaper price to purchase over a long period of time, this is the best service. Thanks
While we are not fully utilizing Magento functionality store-front, yet (emergency switch from old host), but we have been using them as the DNS Authority and have been very happy with service and stability. Pricing for full Apache hosting and services has been superb. We are staging the conversion to Magento now for a more controlled transition.
One of the best hosting company i have found for my magento websites. I have been with Magemojo for more than a year now and have hosted 5 websites. Up till now i have contacted them many times regarding issues i had with my magento site and they replied within 5 minutes to all inquires with the solution. Great company to host your site at.
We choose Magemojo because we needed a strong server to host our store with thousands of products and images. We've had great success with Magemojo, our customers praise us for the speed of our store and we have very few problems over the years, even when we did have an issue the costumer service team helped us figure out a solution.
Magemojo solved all my problems with Magento hosting. And now also have automatic updating Magento packages. I am very satisfied. Portuguese language: Magemojo resolveu todos os meus problemas de hospedagem para Magento. Agora também tenho a opção de atualização automática do Magento. Estou muito satisfeito.
MageMojo has been awesome! It's hard to find the same hardware and level of support that they offer anywhere else. I am running several MHM-32's, one with 400,000 products on Magento Community, and the performance gain is very noticeable compared to other hosting companies I have tested. 10/10 would recommend them to everyone!
You don't see much of your hosting service, until you have questions and need support. Hosting with MageMojo means - besides silent, flawless, quick and safe webspace for our Magento webshop - professional, problem-solving support service, whenever we need it. Almost needless to add, their support is the quickest we ever encountered.
I have been through several web hosting companies and this one is the one I plan to stick with! Their customer service and response time is top notch. The server features and pricing are very competitive as well and my Magento eCommerce site has never run so fast and efficient. Thank you MageMojo Team for all of your work!
We had several Magento stores that we needed to move to a host that specialized in Magento hosting. We took up the offer to move the stores for us and Magemojo took care of all the details. Even though our move was a complex one they pulled it off without a hitch. Thanks Magemojo, you saved us a ton of time and headaches.
Our learning curve in ecommerce, hosting related, ended at Magemojo for us. Our history in ecommerce is before and after Magemojo. It was a nightmare before, we tried more than 10 different hosting services and when we solved one issue another resulted with some kind of problem. And customer service is great.
We've been very happy with our experience with MageMojo. They have been very helpful and fast with any request that we've had with their customer support, and have helped us improve the reliability and speed of our e-commerce website to give our customers the best possible experience. AJ, www.180smoke.ca
Customer service and reliability are extremely important to our company and MageMojo has definitely exceeded our expectations. Response time is mind-blowingly quick and setup was easy - and a good price to boot. You couldn't pay me to switch hosts at this point. Whatever it is, these people have it. Kudos.

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