Key to Imagine

Are you ready to unlock the future of Magento?
5.12.2019, 8:00 pm
NS8 Headquarters, Las Vegas

You are invited to register for an exclusive event featuring Magento thought leaders and designed specifically for prominent agencies and developers.

Before Imagine 2019 officially begins, join Magento experts for this invitation-only evening hosted by MageMojo, featuring complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Speakers will offer insights into the future of Magento as it joins the Adobe family and unlock the potential of the conference to follow.

Keynote Address

This year’s keynote speaker is Bob Schwartz, current CEO of 47 B and former President of Magento and founder of Imagine. During his three years with Magento, Bob and the founders grew the company into a global ecommerce platform and industry leader. Bob will use his unique perspective to talk with Mastering Magento author Bret Williams about how Magento began and where it is headed now.


Bob Schwartz

Experts Take the Stage

Afterwards, leading Magento developers and agencies will take the stage for a dynamic panel discussion. We'll get their battle-won views on the future of the Magento eco-system. 


Unfiltered Insights

As the unofficial kickoff to Imagine 2019, speakers and panelists will make candid predictions and showcase their visions of what comes next for Magento, delivering invaluable analysis that will not be found anywhere else at the conference to follow. 

Imagine the Future

Sponsored in part by NS8

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