Resource Based Pricing instances are not recommended for most customers. These should only be used by customers running Magento 1 and Varnish enabled. Or for other types of software that are not Magento but need run beside a Magento store. They are not autoscaling.
Please read our KB on limits to ensure you fully understand these plans.

Compare Our Fixed Resource Based Plans

Stratus RBP 4 Stratus RBP 16
Price $300 $850
Cpu Cores 10 22
Cpu Speed 3.1 GHz Skylake 3.1 GHz Skylake
Disk Space 150GB 450GB
CDN Data Transfer 200GB 800GB
Support SLA 15 min 15 min
Dev Sites 1 3
Ticket Support Yes Yes
Phone Support No 10-6 M-F ET