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  • 3 Months Free Hosting for Offline to Online Merchants

    We're offering 3 months free Magento hosting on our Mojo Stratus cloud for offline Merchants to go online.

    To apply:

    1. Register on
    2. Email with the subject "Offline 2 Online", include the email address you registered with, and the domain you would like to use
    3. Our team will provision your account and send you an email when completed

    For Agencies, if you're provisioning 10+ accounts, we can give you access to our customized provisioning system.  Please email with the subject "Agency Access for Offline 2 Online".

  • What is the Magento Association?

    Flashback to Imagine 2018 in April.  As organizers for Meet Magento New York, we were invited to attend an organizers meeting. The meeting was to learn about the new Magento Association taking over the Meet Magento Association.  This was the first time we heard about it and were surprised.  At Imagine we learned that 4 community members would be leading it.  The meeting was, well, not much. There was very little information provided.  Our impression was the Magento Association was transferring ownership of Meet Magento Association.

    Since Imagine there have been several more meetings.  In these meetings the attendee types started to drift.  First organizers from other events.  Then Magento Masters.  Then community celebrities.  Then people from outside the Magento community. 
    We started hearing Magento Association was more than Meet Magento Association.  Magento Association was more than events.  But what was Magento Association? 
    The Magento Association idea started before the Adobe acquisition.  The idea came from the fear of losing Meet Magento Association.  The M eet Magento Association is the association created by Thomas Goletz in Germany.  There's a long history of Meet Magento DE, Meet Magento, and the Meet Magento Association.  I won't get into the nitty gritty of it.  The important thing to know is that the Meet Magento Association was formed to produce the DE event and to spread more Meet Magento events around the world. But Meet Magento Association never owned the trademark for Meet Magento.  Since then Meet Magento Association events have been spread around the globe and in this regard it's been very successful in doing so.
    As a member of the Meet Magento Association we pay a yearly fee to the association.  The money earned from the DE event (which is the only break even Meet Magento Association event and also earns profits) is used to fund the Meet Magento Association's yearly budget. There has been contention in the DE community for several years. The contention is around having an organizer, one who's not earning a living from Magento, organizing a Magento event.  There are opposing pov's here.  On one side people question the over-commercialization and revenue generation of MMDE. The organizer yearly fees, where that money goes, and what we as organizers receive back.  On the other side is an organization who has full time employees devoted to the Organization and producing MMDE.
    Over time, for various reasons, the founder of Meet Magento Association became more involved in China.  The contention was growing stronger.  The Meet Magento trademark was owned by neither Meet Magento Association nor Magento.  Magento saw all this as a risk of losing the Meet Magento events - over 25 worldwide.  The German laws are complicated, to say the least. It was easier to form a new association and buy the trademark than it was to take ownership of the existing Meet Magento Association.  At this point, the Magento Association was very much about protecting the future of the Meet Magento events.  But once you create a non-profit association, how do you manage a community with it?
    Magento looked at Acquia and the Drupal Association. They learned that looking back, the Drupal Association really wished they had engaged a professional company to help them.  Drupal Association spent years self-teaching themselves lessons that could have been avoided.  From these conversations Magento found SmithBuckland. They engaged SmithBuckland to start the Magento Association. Hopefully, this would avoid the wasted time and costly mistakes of the Drupal Association.
    Enter SmithBuckland.  SmithBuckland has been leading these meetings as a discovery to help form the structure of what Magento Association should be.  Up until now Magento only knows they wanted to protect losing the Meet Magento events.  Through these meetings they start to realize maybe there's more than just the Meet Magento Association.  Maybe they can add more events.  Maybe there's potential here for more than just events.  That's when more and more unusual people were invited to the meetings.  Largely to explore and see what community opportunities there which evolve with every meeting.
    Three critical mistakes were made here.
    First, they tried to keep this quiet.  The reason being they didn't exactly know what they wanted or how to do it.  They didn't want the community to form pre-conceived notions about what Magento Association was. Instead, the community was left to draw their own conclusions. Most of us do not have good experiences with Magento's business practices. Nor with their involvement in our events. We were left to draw our own conclusions. Conclusions through the lens of previous negative experiences.
    Second, the people invited were not described.  Yes, Magento put up a form to fill out if you're interested (which I filled out and never was contacted - another employee was).  Yes they reached out to Masters and Event Organizers.  But many others appeared and it very much looks like you had to be a friend of certain people to get invited.  From a Community POV this is bad optics.  A lot of the drift was simply miscommunication between the people inviting attendees and people attending not following the rules.  Say what the guidelines are for the people you invited and stick to those guidelines. Enforce your attendance policies at meetings.  It's important for the appearance to not show cronyism in order to build confidence and trust in the process.

    Third was communication, or lack of.  This goes back to keeping things quiet.  They should have come out and said clearly what the business goals were driving the decision to create the Magento Association.  Just say it.  Make sure you announce the form to request your involvement by more than just a tweet.  The communication strategy with community needs a major upgrade.  As it stands now you pretty much need to hang out on twitter all day to know what's going on (please don't kill me Sherrie - I love you). 
    SmithBuckland isn't going to be here forever.  But before they go they need to figure out who's going to pay for this thing.  That's right, it's not Magento, it's us.  Surprise!  At least it was for me.  For some reason I thought with all the unicorns being thrown around that events would be supported and possibly even help funded.
    Why would I think that?
    Last year at MMNY we didn't receive anything from Magento, not even some stickers.  But they wanted free tickets.  They wanted private meeting rooms.  In fact, we weren't even allowed to say we were an official Magento event.  I was personally reprimanded for saying this.  I was given a long legal clause to say that sounded like it was the end of a pharmaceutical commercial.  It basically said we're not an official event, Magento and Meet Magento Association have a cooperation agreement, and Magento supports the Meet Magento Association. But never, ever, say you're an official event.
    Talking with fellow organizers there are many issues with Magento and the Meet Magento events.  From stalling on dates, to trying to insert speakers into keynotes only 2 weeks in advance.  It's really been unpleasant working with them on the events. In fact, Magento has been downright been obstructing us in some instances.
    Here we are with the Magento Association and a decision to make. The Meet Magento Association was collecting dues for basically just the right to use a license to "Meet Magento" (which they never owned).  Why would we be interested in participating in Magento Association at all?  Events like Titans and Unconference and others have been fine on their own.  We've been all been fine on our own, arguably better off without Magento / Meet Magento Association.  Why would we want to be involved in this new Magento Association, especially if we're going to be the ones likely to fund it by now sending yearly dues to Magento Association...
    Because it's a chance for a fresh start.  It's a chance to do this Meet Magento Association thing over.  Magento's control should at least in theory be limited due to the 503c status.  This limits their controlling interests on the board to a single seat voting/non-voting.  The actual structure remains in discussion.  What I would like to see is X board seats.  The community makes nominations.  Nominees accept/decline.  Then the community votes on the nominees for the final board seats.  It would also be a good idea to decide the distribution of board seats and types to the types of stakeholders. For example in the community - developers, small business merchants, technology partners, etc.
    What is Magento Association then.  It was the saving of Meet Magento Association.  From there it's not sure what it wants to be. In SmithBuckland's own words: "It was also challenging to prioritize stakeholders as it is unclear what is the #1 problem the Association needs to solve or opportunity to capture".

    When you hear Magento say "you tell us" they are really serious.  They do want to figure it out.  They need to figure it out.  As an Organizer I'm not sure what they can do for us.  We're already established.  We already know 90% of what we need to know.  If anything, a central calendar of event dates organizers could collab on, to ensure a good distribution of events, would be nice.  Some say a simple spreadsheet could suffice.  But there does need to be an arbiter and some process to ensure fair play and dispute resolution.  Does that need an association?  Is it worth paying thousands of dollars per year?  Is it worth the hassle of dealing with Magento?

    No, we're going to need a heck of a lot more than that if we're going to participate only as a Meet Magento organizer, on our own free will.

    But hey, at least right now we have the chance to say what that something more should be.  Should it provide efforts focused on building Merchant / Small Business owner communities?  Should it provide efforts on security research and protection?

    We're on board with all these ideas.  We love the community and have always supported community efforts, even at our own expense, and my personal expense.  And will continue to do so.

    You the community member needs to tell Magento.  What is the problem you see that needs solved?  What opportunities do you see to be captured?  How do you think it should be funded?

  • What's New with Magento: 30 Recent Magento Websites


    Magento is constantly evolving. Agencies everywhere are pushing the bounds of what can be done within a website. Magento 2 is gaining momentum, and we couldn't be more excited for what the future holds for Magento. By piecing together a collection of recent Magento websites we are looking to paint a picture of where the Magento world is at and where it is going. Here are some amazing Magento websites built by agencies around the world:


    Agency: Inchoo        Website:

    Zee and Co

    Zee & Co is a sharp looking site built by the amazing team over at Inchoo. What started as a project to make the site responsive and more mobile friendly turned into an entire site revamp. Their rebuild consisted of moving Zee & Co over to Magento enterprise edition while adding smooth real-time integration between Magento and various ERP systems. A few other highlights include custom solutions for sending mass e-newsletters, affiliate program integration and our personal favorite—Click & Collect, enabling customers to buy online and pick up their purchase at their nearest branch. Overall this site has a sharp design and a smooth interface that has lead to a 30% increase in traditional eCommerce conversions and 47% increase in mobile eCommerce conversions.


    Agency: Virtua Software       Website:

    Schwung Home

    With a custom interface and sharp design, the Schwung Home website is a crowd pleaser. Built by Virtua Software, this website has a few characteristics that show what there is to love about current Magento design.

    • Adding a unique login modification allows users to register on one site with the ability to login between two different sites without a hitch.
    • Integration with a Polish ERP system called “Subiekt” which required the installation of a web server with custom built raw pap scripts created to communicate with Magento inside a local network.

    Overall, this combo of front-end finesse and backend mastery is why the new Schwung Home website stands out.


    Agency: Jamersan        Website:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.16.40 PM

    Jamersan engaged with world-renowned branding agency Cramer-Krasselt to launch using Magento Enterprise Edition.

    The first thing you notice on the site is the homepage that uses embedded background videos. The videos on this page are lazy-loaded after other crucial page elements, which allows the site to maintain its speed without sacrificing the video-powered effect that Tiki wanted to showcase their brand.

    Jamersan worked with Tiki’s in-house development team to fully automate the bi-directional flow of information from the Magento website into Tiki’s back-office suite. Tiki’s back-office suite is currently in a state of flux for product information (PIM) and order management  as they move from several third-party and custom written systems to SAP. As a result, the integration utilizes numerous custom written APIs. These APIs allow their in-house development team to incrementally migrate back-office functionality by simply updating APIs instead of modifying code on their eCommerce site.

    Jamersan is working on a perpetual basis with Tiki to identify areas of refinement and additional functionality that enables them to grow their brand.


    Agency: Space 48        Website:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.03.31 PM

    From the first impression demonstrates the value of focusing on the small details. From the site’s mobile friendliness to tools that help you find the perfect product, the team at Space 48 covered all ends.

    • Separate sites for US, Australia, Canada, Holland, and Ireland all on the same Magento instance
    • Built-in active response to the different tax regulations between states and countries
    • Foundation Finder, an interactive process to help customers determine which foundation in perfect for their skin
    • Responsive shipping information factoring in separate warehousing for US sales

    With a lot more features we could talk about the folks over at Charlotte Tilbury must be ecstatic about beautiful site—inside and out.


    Agency: Imagination Media        Website:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.40.12 PM

    Oh My Gauze! is the perfect example of a brick and mortar store that has expanded online in the right way thanks to the crew over at Imagination Media. We really like this site because it shows the power of mixing form with function, much like the clothes they sell. The website is easy to navigate, and with what seems like a million options for different colors it's easy to quickly find what you want. One of our favorite features about the website is how the inventory backend integrates in-store sales with online sales. By integrating Microsoft Dynamics RMS with Magento, Imagination was able to utilize the same inventory and product data from the stores on Magento as well as Amazon and Ebay! 


    Agency: Peacock Carter        Website:

    Cleva is far from what you would expect of a vacuum website, i.e. it doesn’t suck. Okay, that was a pretty rough dad joke but all jokes aside we really love this build. The site is simple, clean and easy to navigate with some awesome backend additions that make life easy for Cleva. By adding a custom ‘feature’ section, the folks at Peacock Carter were able to give the ability to easily swap out featured videos or GIFs. This gives Cleva flexibility to updated their site often without constantly having to go to a developer. We find the GIF function extra interesting because by default Magento only shows the first frame. The last backend feature we really enjoyed was giving Cleva the ability to upload PDF’s with new specifications for products, warranties, and other documents. is a great example of a website built with the customer’s needs, as well as the client’s needs, in mind.


    Agency: Swift Otter        Website:

    Gracious May

    Every website needs good visual assets to make for sharp design. In the right hands good assets become great assets and that’s what we have with Swift Otter’s work on the Gracious May site. We love the frontend and how the site connects with other sites owned by the same company, but the real gem is hidden behind the scenes. Wanting a new blog, the team at Swift Otter was able to build a Wordpress site hosted on a separate server with a connector to interface between Wordpress and Magento. This connector prevents the ability for a hacker to compromise the Magento site if they somehow break into Wordpress. Along with some custom streamlined checkout features is a good example of all around quality.


    Agency: Rocket Web        Website:


    The clean look of the Squix site really matches the clean products they sell. Rocket Web launched in Jan 2016 on Magento Enterprise Edition. Squix is a new brand and the only retailer of curated, anti-germ products with a focus on subscriptions.

    Customers are encouraged to sign-up for a QBox subscription where they can get 3 full size products along with some samples every month. Customers answer a few onboarding questions to help build their product selection then they are able to change products in an upcoming box if they don't like the pre-selected options. This is a great aspect of customization that changes what actually goes into the box.

    Rocket Web’s NetSuite Connector for Magento is used to tie Magento in with NetSuite. And with Sweet Tooth’s incentives, customers are sure to keep coming back.


    Agency: Pinpoint Designs        Website:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.40.51 PM

    This site is hot off the press and as sharp as can be, but you'd expect nothing less from the guys at Pinpoint Designs. Launched around 4 weeks ago, features a stepped buying process which allows customers to select options to customize every part of their car covers. In the admin panel, they have created an individual order items grid which splits orders down into the individual items which have been purchased. From here, each item can be tracked through the stage of manufacturing so that customers can receive updates on how their order is progressing as it is being built. With functional and unique features we're blown away by the work here.


    Agency: Blue Duck       Website:


    Amooti is a new marketplace for unique African products. By allowing anyone to create a free seller account they have built up a huge variety of products, all African inspired. This site makes shopping easy and selling even easier. The team at Blue Duck built custom UPS functionality that allows sellers to request a pickup and be billed by Amooti similar to function found on Tradsey. We look forward to seeing the Amooti catalogue grow. It already has a great foundation.


    Agency: InteractOne      Website:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.21.40 AM

    InteractOne recently launched, a responsive Magento website devoted to indoor & outdoor entertainment products for the home. This was an interesting build because Watson’s is first and foremost a brick and mortar store that is expanding online.

    • A focus on strong images with detailed descriptions of the massive inventory to give customers a similar experience to in-store.
    • Special focus on easy navigation. Specifically, a left column with attributes to make filtering easier.
    • A dependable and flexible content management system that was easier to manage in house. With quick product turnover and ever-changing seasonal promotions, their in-house staff needed the ability to make quick and easy updates to the website.


    Agency: Nano Web Group     Website:


    Nano Web Group creates custom eCommerce experiences and their work with Phigora is no exception. was a complete build out from scratch including UX/UI design. Focusing on buying and selling luxury goods they needed a site whose quality matches their products. With backend integration connecting with Marketplaces like Amazon, EBay and 11Main they greatly expand a seller's potential customer base. One of our favorite features is the form that allows customers to submit an offer for a product rather than only having the option to buy. Along with custom layered navigation and elastic search this website is as complex and fine-tuned as the Rolexes they sell.


    Agency: JH       Website:

    5 pointz really stood out to us due to sharp design and a unique backend created to handle customer’s habits. With limited shoe releases you can see thousands of people trying to get their hands on a pair of shoes when only 100 are being released. Traffic spikes can often be a pain in the neck for websites but JH has done a great job with 5 Pointz by building a site taking into account how they can make sure a customer's shopping experience is as stress free as possible.

    • A unique system to handle large quantities of customers trying to buy from a small release
    • Multiple upcoming item features making it easy for 5 Pointz to customize their release schedule
    • API-integration with Trustpilot
    • Bespoke Wordpress integration created so data is securely shared without sharing databases or any of the ’typical’ methods of doing it
    • Data-api-exchange method that allows Magento and Wordpress to integrate well for the front-end user

    Overall we love what the team at JH has done with this site and know where to look next time we need a fresh pair of kicks!


    Agency: Anatta Design     Website:

    Danielle Laporte is a beautiful website that breaks a lot of conventions and does so with grace making the site easy to navigate and understand. The home page features two vertical scrollers separated by a stationary image.

    • Pay what you can products
    • Installment payment features along with tiered subscriptions
    • Magento session sharing on Wordpress pages

    With tons of unique content the website is still easy to navigate and intuitive. When all is said and done this site looks great, has a unique feel, and functions incredibly well.


    Agency: MeanBee       Website:

    Irregular Choice

    With an incredibly unique brand like Irregular Choice, MeanBee was able to find a balance between eccentricity and creating an effective ecommerce experience. If you get a chance to check out their gold Darth Vader heels, it is life changing.

    By using widgets to manage the different types of CMS content Irregular Choice could focus on the quality of content they were adding without needing to worry about breaking the layout or style.

    With a loyal customer base, each launch of new shoes produces a great influx of customers. Ensuring a smooth functioning website in these situations needs particular attention and care to optimizing performance which has been done with high quality underlying code, full page caching and Cloudflare. To top it all off they have integrated a queuing system for busy launch events to ensure customer experience stays on track.


    Agency: Something Digital       Website:


    With over 100 stores across the United States and Canada and the need for more in-store integration we feel like is an incredible example of what can be done with traditional commerce and eCommerce integration.

    The site looks great, is incredibly fast, fully responsive and has very intuitive navigation. We love that we can order cards online directly from a desktop or mobile device and it's printed and mailed to us with beautiful inks on glamorous paper

    While these are all great facets of the Papyrus build, the most impressive thing we have found is how the site connects with the stores. Rewards points track in store purchases as well as online purchases and you can reserve your purchase from any of the 100+ stores they have around the country. Accessibility was also a major part of this build. They worked to ensure anyone could have access to the products and services for sale. Overall the team at Something Digital really knocked it out of the park on this site.


    Agency: Classy Llama       Website:

    For The Chef was the first eCommerce site for a new business venture. They wanted to create a sharp looking and smooth functioning site to allow for a great eCommerce launch. They also were focusing on establishing a foundation for future growth and scalability.

    • Custom-created design that provides a curated shopping experience for customers based on their individual preferences and needs
    • Implemented Nucleus Commerce to provide features that enhance shopping experiences for customers and made it easier for internal management of the site
    • Determined SEO content, strategy and approach
    • Responsive Web Design that offered the ultimate experience on all devices
    • Integration with marketplaces, in order to: sync product catalogs, automatically retrieve orders into Magento for processing, and send shipment data back to the marketplace

    With all of these features in place and great looking design it seems as though the team at Classy Llama has built a foundation to ensure For the Chef will be a great success.


    Agency: Farin Innovations       Website:

    22 Days Nutrition

    Simply visiting the site will leave you feeling healthier and happier. When it comes to a building a site for subscription based business model Farin has knocked it out of the park. The work they have done on is truly designed to keep their customer happy and coming back for more. With a custom built “My Account” feature they can accommodate all of the personal needs of each recurring customer. Along with personalized accounts they have heavily incentivized customers with a great affiliate program that is integrated seamlessly into the website. Paring these factors with super sharp visual design makes for an enjoyable experience on every visit.


    Agency: Sellry       Website:

    Bulk Herb Store

    Sellry has really been enjoying getting into the groove with Magento 2. After talking to quite an extensive list of agencies they really seem to be on top of getting M2 sites live. Their first M2 build went live in February; it was a fairly conservative build. Sellry did the theming plus a few third party plugins thrown in, including Nucleus Elements for easier CMS editing. With unique design that seems to flow through the site and very smooth functions we are happy to see what is being done with M2. Sellry is also a few weeks away from launching a quite ambitious M2 build, a children's apparel marketplace featuring brands and boutiques worldwide. The project if full of complex custom features including multi-vendor inventory import, vendor decision logic and split fulfillment.


    Agency: Inviqa       Website:


    From the second you arrive at you know there is something special. When working with a company that has such beautifully designed products there is always the possibility of site design not quite matching up. The team at Inviqa didn’t have to think twice to know that wasn’t a possibility with them on the job. This site is so clean and visually appealing the web design alone makes me want to buy things. Outside of the visual aspects, the site has great responsive features giving it the ability to feel great on any size of screen. We also love the unique layout for products that feels more alive than your standard shopping page. Oh, and did we forget to mention that this was one of the UK’s very first M2 sites to go live?


    Agency: Demac Media       Website:

    Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.41.26 PM

    The Everything Wine site is a Magento build that is truly designed to make for a more efficient and profitable business. Demac Media included order routing logic to support omnichannel initiatives right into the platform, without the use of an OMS.

    • Order routing logic to support omnichannel initiatives right into the platform, without the use of an OMS.
    • One of their locations (and fulfillment centers) is located on an island. The website has logic that limits the catalogue based on the customer’s location so shipments to the mainland are profitable.
    • The customized “Wine Cellar” subscription program enable customers to save preferred wines, see their reviews of other wines, view their invitations to Everything Wine events, and more.
    • Everything Wine Unlimited Program, similar to Amazon Prime, gives customers free shipping on all orders for $79 a year; as well as pick-up in store capabilities. All of which have been built exclusively in Magento without the need for an OMS for the omnichannel capabilities.


    Agency: Customer Paradigm       Website:


    Customer Paradigm recently designed and built the JoyFolie Magento eCommerce site on the Magento Community Platform. When you arrive at the site you immediately get a handcrafted feel that matches the quality of JoyFolie’s products. The site is fully responsive for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile views. The home page features moving sliders, full width hero images, and products as well. Each page of the Magento site seems finely tuned to make sure that the end customer experience would convey the same attention to design and details that they feature in their products. Buttons were customized, and the navigation was designed in a way that mobile users could easily browse the site and place an order from their laptop later. Ultimately, JoyFolie teaming up with the team at Customer Paradigm seems like a match made in heaven.


    Agency: Mediotype    Website

    Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.16.17 PM

    For a website that makes custom physical invitations for weddings, birthdays, baby showers and much more, you know they need a site that meets the quality of their invitations. We really like sites that are built with the tangible end product in mind and is a perfect example. The backend is fully integrated with the businesses manufacturing and fulfillment process to avoid any unnecessary complications. Along with including custom admin features in angular.js, the site is incredibly fast considering the tens of GBs of media being heavily processed. Mediotype’s work rests perfectly at the corner of form and function.


    Agency: Inverse Paradox        Website:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.17.01 PM

    Nothing proves the success of a website like tangible growth of a business. Inverse Paradox did an incredible job on and with the overall performance boost of the site they saw traffic grow 300% without changing their marketing efforts. Outside of the amazing growth they saw in customers, the site was also built to simplify the lives of Jofit by integrating the backend of their website with internal inventory management. The site looks great and has been proved to be more than just a new online home.

    Agency: Newthink   Site: Derng


    The chic new website for Derng jewelry is as stylish as the brand itself. The minimalist aesthetics of the website is a classy showcase for Derng statement pieces. With dropdowns for different product categories and collections, it is easy to get an idea of all their offerings at a glance.

    The email marketing functionality integrated into the website highlights their rewards program and benefits for subscribers. The Instagram integration on the homepage is a smart move that keeps the site dynamic and updated. It also shows that they understand the social preferences of their buyer persona.

    Agency: Redstage   Site: Juliska


    This elegant website greets visitors with soothing colors and beautiful images amidst natural settings. With a simple white background and artistic photos, this website captures the essence of Juliska. It plays around with the textures and colors to highlight Juliska's artistry and brand identity.

    These designs turn on the old-world domestic charm without sacrificing the website's usability. Redstage has achieved this synthesis of aesthetics and performance by toning down heavy design elements to enable a fast and seamless shopping experience meant to increase conversions. This website also focuses on Juliska's visitors and their behavior to ensure custom implementations. With improved gift registry shopping, it offers one-click gift wrap and custom engraving features.

    These changes in website design were accompanied by a major integration of Magento and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system to synchronize orders, products, inventory, and customers not only on the website but also in their retail stores. Ultimately, this online and offline integration model extends the shopping experience their customer has in-store to online. This advanced integration gives their visitors a unique and customized shopping experience, setting Juliska and their brand a cut above the rest.

    Agency: Axial Motion   Site: Dolls Kill

    Dolls Kill

    There is a certain rough-around-the-edges feel to the photos on the home page of this San Fransisco based street style clothing store. In keeping with the brand aesthetics, the design also stands out with its grunge look.

    'Make it super fast' must have been the brief given to Axial Motion for the Dolls Kill website. Ajax-driven custom refinement and pagination modules for category pages enables them to load very fast. The integrated Algolia search makes the search experience extremely fast. A custom "adding to cart" function from product page helps the customer shop for items in an instant. The inbuilt wishlist functionality on Magento has been customized to enhance the user experience.

    Agency: Media Lounge    Site: Pulsin'


    Enhancing customer experience and engaging with them online is at the heart of this Pulsin' website. The much-loved organic foods brand factored in customer feedback and requirements before taking their business online. The improvement made to the second version of the site have resulted in a beautifully designed, responsive website that is a one-stop-shop not just for healthy food, but also for tasty recipes and interesting information on clean eating. Their agency Media Lounge teamed up with Aheadworks to fine tune the 'Subscription Products' section which allows customers to easily order products they need. The one step checkout feature customized especially for Pulsin' using the OneStepCheckout extension on Magento gives users a friction-free buying experience.

    A pioneer in the organic and healthy foods category, Pulsin's blog is a very helpful collection of news content, nutritional information, workout routines, and recipes. It also includes a section which curates user-generated content from social media channels. WordPress is integrated with Magento which makes it easy to manage and regularly update the blog. This website includes a host of automation and personalization extensions at the back-end which helps Pulsin' streamline their business processes. Built keeping current and future requirements in mind, this easy-to-update website helps keep Pulsin' at the cutting-edge of the health foods industry.

    Agency: Commerce Pundit   Site: https: Canvas Champ

    Canvas Champ

    Canvas Champ's website gives you beautiful samples of photos that they have turned into canvas prints. With a view towards increasing traffic to their website, they completely overhauled the content to optimize it for search engines. By making the site easier to find for potential customers in Canada and the USA, the updated website resulted in a 55% increase in visitors and a whopping 103% rise in revenues with a corresponding increase in transactions.

    The site also showcases additional products and services alongside their main offering. The responsive website has integrated email marketing function and also makes it easy to track visitor behavior and use it to optimize their analytics and refine marketing strategies. This has given their users a much better purchase experience reducing bounce rates by 21%.


    As always, we're excited for the ever changing landscape of the Magento world. We hope this serves as a good snapshot of the quality of work that's out there.

    Feel free to reach out to us if you know of a site or have a site that belongs on this list!

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