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  • Change Improvement Plan

    Many changes happen on the servers, from nightly yum updates, to our security scanner updates, to our server configuration updates. In order to improve our change management process we promise to do the following:

    Classify change types into categories with specific notification requirements

    • Identify every change that is made and classify the change
    • Write a change policy for each change
    • All changes must happen outside of business hours Pacific Time
    • Green changes are routine maintenance and can be scheduled 12 hours in advance
    • Yellow changes are changes that might affect customers and must be scheduled 7 days in advance
    • Red changes are changes that will affect customers and must be scheduled 2 weeks in advanced

    Standardize release days and times

    • Server releases will be tested on internal servers on Mondays during a standard time window 4am to 8am
    • Server releases will be released to customer servers on Tuesdays during a standard time window 4am to 8am
    • Network changes will happen after 9pm

    Notify customers ahead of time

    • A status page was created for both scheduled and unplanned events
    • All customers primary email, alert emails, mojo developer emails, and additional emails are subscribed
    • Customers can also subscribe by phone number for text alerts
    • Customers email/phone are synched to all components on status page they are using including physical hosts and racks
    • Every time we touch the infrastructure, even if routine, we will schedule in advance based on classification type

    Validate releases thoroughly

    • Server releases will be released and tested on incremental groups of internal servers
    • Server releases will then be released on incremental groups of customers servers

    Open communication during events

    • We will proactively notify affected customers
    • We will provide status updates every 30 minutes until resolution
    • For customers with special configurations (ex clusters) we will have a team lead available to communicate with directly

    Provide a full transparency of all changes

    • Any change that applies to more than 1 customer will be listed on the status page
    • Nightly yum updates will be listed in mhm log
    • Saltstack changes to servers will be listed in mhm log
    • Internal and external servers users commands will be listed in mhm log
    • Server config change diffs will be listed in mhm log

    principal-small We recently hopped on a plane to the historic city of Manchester to rub shoulders with great names in the Magento World at MageTitansMCR in the UK. Technically, our CTO, Marty Pachol hopped on a plane and promptly hopped off the plane only to get on an annoying call with the airline that had cancelled his flight while it was on the runway, ready to carry him to an amazing destination. The rest of our crew got to enjoy the posh hotel he so carefully selected, and wait on his arrival the following day. The Principal on Oxford was a real treat, complete with a giant horse sculpture in the lobby, the most luxurious carpeting we have ever seen and a shower that needed an instruction manual. Yes, at least 2 of us got cold water dumped on our jet lagged heads from one of two shower heads placed directly overhead :) Isn't it incredible how many variations there are on a seemingly simple contraption? This begs for an entire blog post, website, coffee table book... lock-91-copy We greeted Manchester with a trip past the University of Manchester down to curry mile which was highly recommended. We were not short on options and were happy to experiment with yummy food in a bustling atmosphere and encouraged other titans to head over. We were silenced as the smell of curry filled the air. We probably all had one thought in mind. A nap was in order to prepare us for the pre-party at Lock 91, Black Dog NWS, Grosvenor casino and…well you get the idea :) We met amazing folks at Lock91 who were happy to share their experiences with Magento, the UK and their amazing companies and prepare us for the day ahead. We had lots of laughs comparing American and English vocabulary. The funniest moment was one of our English colleagues referring to the popular rap artist Jay Zed (Jay Z). We also got to witness England beating Scotland in a nail biting game. Lock 91’s happy hour was helpful indeed.

    Back at the Principal one of our rooms had a heating malfunction which meant a move to a new room. Surprise, surprise, the shower controls were reversed at the new room so you guessed it, another cold overhead splash. Now if that doesn’t wake you up..! Over to the Comedy Club on day 2 of this adventure for MagetitansMCR 2016. Great talks with lots of follow up scheduled with a star studded cast including Fabian Schmengler, Fabrizio Branca and Anna Völkl. Space48 and Manchester Digital did a great job with an amazing speaker lineup. The Comedy Club also has balcony seating - great way to make sure you get a good view and pics too. We thought its was fitting to end an amazing event by sponsoring the afterparty at Blackdog’s Bunker. Great food and music, a gaming station and a giveaway of 20 rpi3s made for an exciting few hours.

    Here are a few of our lucky winners.

    The Photo Booth came with props and allowed rockstar Magento developers to truly look like rockstars and capture this for all time. Like it or not, we have all the pictures, hahaha.

    We simply love after parties. This is a great time to unwind and truly get to know the Magento community. We have made some  great friends. We also have more insight on who can stay standing the longest, but we will not mention names, Eric Hileman.
    We said goodnight to the Bunker at midnight but the party was not over - after afterparty at the Arora Hotel bar. Time for some grown up cocktails made by the self proclaimed Mr Awesome! He truly was an incredible bartender with great personality. We wish we could have stayed longer and spent more time in Manchester. Events like MageTitans bring together so many experts and there is never enough time to share experiences and insights.  It was wonderful to get to know these folks better. We truly look forward to hearing from them more often, even its just the random note to say hi. What an amazing community!

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