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  • Load In The Loop: Episode 8 - eTech Parts

    Load In the Loop: Episode 8 is here! Join Eric Hileman and Ivan Chepurnyi as they identify and fix some performance issues for eTech Parts Plus.

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    Contact Info:
    Ivan:, @IvanChepurnyi
    Eric:, @ericvhileman 

    Table of Contents:
    15:00 tinify external api call. Local image cache not working. Also resizing locally plus using tinify.
    25:00 etech product stock alert loading in a loop.
    28:00 Eighteentech categoriesside / swiftotter redner icon getfiles in a loop / directory search
    30:00 amasty
    30:30 tinify magento plugin - kill it
    32:00 amasty seo rich data shouldn’t display all product information on the category page, only urls to full items data. Google ignores full product information on category page.
    34:00 hash_file generation writing is a likely problem why autoscaling isn’t working. NFS
    36:00 Fishpig wordpress module looking into own module version
    42:00 Magento creates a temporary table for layered navigation
    44:00 ElasticSuite isn’t just for search, it’s for layered navigation.
    48:00 composer autoload not enabled (missing classmap). Best to build your own include/exclude rules. --nodev
    59:00 braintree customer section load
    60:00 magepal sending email from customer account create - ddos potential, deplete fpm pool. Never send emails in foreground, like account create, always send in backround. Can enable Magento option to send async, just turn on.
    64:00 5 seconds just to send email after customer save
    64:30 braintree making external calls to a sandbox url even though it’s not being used. Junk traffic on braintree sandbox. If braintree sandbox is down your store is down.


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