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External CDNs and Firewalls

Some customers may want to use CloudFlare or Sucuri because they already have various security and DNS settings pre-configured there. You are free to do this, however, if you are using some of their security features it can interfere with our site validation. We validate that sites are hosted here as part of collecting Google Analytics sessions for billing. If we can't validate your site, we can't bill properly, and your Stratus instance risks being suspended.

Whitelisting validation for Sucuri

If you are using Sucuri's firewall that adds a JS protector in front of your site, you need to whitelist this path for our validation to work properly. Whitelisting this path will not compromise the protection on the rest of your site. Our validator uses a simple curl request and cannot process Sucuri's JS.

  1. Log into your account
  2. If you have multiple domains under your account, select the one hosted here you need to adjust.
  3. Click the Firewall option from the top navigation menu
  4. Click Access Control from the next menu that appears
  5. Click Whitelist URL Paths from the left-hand navigation menu
  6. Whitelist the hidden path . as shown. Every Stratus instance has a UUID which you can see in the panel link , such as - the UUID here is cded1u2ypquuejdj , then click the Whitelist button to apply the change.
  7. Confirm the change works with a curl command against your site like

It should return a 200 code and the simple text string "validated"