Stratus 2.11

  • STRAT-1948 implement IPVS
  • STRAT-1483 Kubenetes Upgrade
  • STRAT-1485 implement Network ACLs
  • STRAT-1490 Update Migration Script
  • STRAT-1491 ELB removal
  • STRAT-1762 retire london region
  • STRAT-1764 implement kiam
  • STRAT-1765 update ubuntu distro to latest version
  • STRAT-1766 kubenetes in place upgrades
  • STRAT-1767 script cluster install in terraform
  • STRAT-1773 remove objfs from infrastructure
  • STRAT-1775 dev nodes to move to i3en instances
  • STRAT-1827 pipeline for setting up monitoring of burst credits for new nodes st1 drives
  • STRAT-1860 sydney instance types update
  • STRAT-1861 vpn access to frankfurt from us-east
  • STRAT-1880 proper placement of coredns
  • STRAT-1949 ssh hostname update