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SSL Options

SSL options are viewable after clicking the SSL link from the left-hand navigation menu in the Stratus Management panel.

ssl settings-48

The SSL settings section controls what type of certificate is applied to your Stratus instance.  Certificates are applied to the CloudFront distribution for your store. Currently there are 5 options for SSL

  • Auto – attempts to select the best option given the settings available – defaults to Lets Encrypt certificate generation
  • Customer Provided Certificate – uses your certificate entered into the Customer Cert section under SSL when available
  • Let’s Encrypt Certificate – For valid domains will apply a Lets Encrypt certificate once generated
  • Certificate – uses our wildcard if you are using our temporary domains during initial setup or testing or development Enabling this will cause any URLs/domains set in the URLs section to stop working if they are not a subdomain
  • HTTP Only – disables SSL completely

And a final setting CloudFront Force SSL* will add a forced redirect to HTTPS for all content if set to **On. On* is the default setting.  The redirect will preserve paths i.e. will go to