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Lets Encrypt Certificates

Lets Encrypt offers free certificates and on Mojo Stratus they can be generated and auto-renewed to match your domains.  For a Lets Encrypt certificate to be generated your domain must meet the File Verfication Valid check in the URLs and Domains list.

When that check is marked as True, a Lets Encrypt domain can be generated or updated.

  1. Check all domains pass the file verification check
  2. In your Stratus management panel, expanded the SSL section and go to Settings
    ssl settings-48
  3. Click the Let’s Encrypt Certificate radio box under Store SSL
  4. Click Update to confirm the change letsencrypt settings-1
  5. A certificate will be generated that matches all the valid domains, creating a multi-domain certificate if needed.  Then the certificate will be pushed to your CloudFront distribution. The update can take up to 30 minutes.