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Install a custom certificate

To use your own SSL certificate, it must cover every domain listed on your Stratus site. If your store is a multistore with multiple domains, such as and, the certificate must be a multi-domain certificate to cover them all. We cannot install separate certificates for separate domains on the same Stratus instance.  Similarly, you can use wildcard certificates in the same way.

Installing a certificate

The easiest way to install your certificate is to send a request to MageMojo Support . But you have the option of installing it yourself.

  1. Open your Stratus management panel.
  2. Click SSL from the left-hand navigation menu to expand the section ssl expand-22
  3. On the Custom Cert page, enter your private key, certificate, and related bundle or root certificates in the related fields.
  4. Click Update near the bottom right of the form to save the certificate.
  5. From the left-hand navigation menu, click Settings in the SSl section
  6. Set the Store SSL option to Customer Provided Certificate
  7. Click Update to apply this change

Now the certificate will be pushed to CloudFront. This can take up to 30 minutes before you see it active.