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Setting up SSH

SSH access is available through a special container on Mojo Stratus.  Through SSH you can manage your files and run commands to manage your store.

Create a user

  1. Expand the SSH section in your Stratus management panel.
  2. Click Users to bring up the SSH users form ssh user-41

  3. Click Add SSH User near the left if you’ve selected an existing user. That will clear the form.

  4. Enter a username, password, and copy a public key into the authorized key field if you will be using an SSH key.
  5. Click Create to make the user
  6. Next click the Whitelist link in the SSH section from left-hand navigation menu.  A new form will appear.
  7. Click Add Whitelist to make sure the form is clear.
  8. Select the user your created earlier from the dropdown. Enter your IP and a label. whitelist-75

  9. Click Create to save your change.

  10. Click on the Info link in the SSH section from the left-hand nav menu.
  11. On the Info screen you will see the SSH Hostname and Port , using your SSH client connect via that hostname and port with the user you created.  i.e. ssh -p 20xxx
  12. You should now be connected. Your shell will put you in /srv which is the home directory for all SSH users.


  • If your connection is immediately closed, double check you have whitelisted the correct IP.
  • If you get a password prompt but failed password check, double check or reset your password.
  • If you get a key error, check that you have entered the correct public key in the Authorized Keys field.