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Nginx Overview

Nginx settings can be reached via the management panel menu. Expand the Nginx section to see all available options.


Not much here! Shows the service status and you can reload the service equivalent to service nginx reload

Document Root

Set the path to your web root here, click the folder icon to the right to open a directory viewer and navigate to your document root.  Supports symlinks.


Redirects can be quickly listed here, they should be in the following format, with the full destination URL on the right-hand side of the = sign.



The Includes box lets you add custom locations and directives directly into the nginx.conf file used by your Stratus environment.  It is an advanced tool and you may need our support to assist if you have custom requirements.

All includes are within the server block only. Adding directives outside the server block i.e. the http block of the nginx.conf is not possible.