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Stratus Multistore Configuration

If your store is serving content across multiple domains and sharing the catalog, you have a multi-store! Multi-stores are core functionality in all versions of Magento (1 and 2).

To set up any Multistore you need two things – the base URL/domain name for the site and the associated store code. You can find the store codes in the core_store table of your Magento install, or in the backend admin under System >> Manage Stores.

  1. First make sure you’ve added your Multistore domain to the Stratus URLs and Domains section.
  2. Open your Stratus management panel Magento section
  3. Select the Multistore and Multisite section
  4. Fill out the form depending on the number of store views you have.  There are three columns domain name, storecode and storetype  , the storecode is a string stored in your Magento database, while the type can be either store or website. multistore-45

  5. Click Update to apply the configuration.  Your Nginx configuration will be updated with the proper store directives.