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Magento 2 CLI Commands

The last part of the Magento section in the Stratus management panel allows you to run custom Magento CLI commands.  The commands are all equivalent to running php bin/magento via SSH in your Stratus environment.  Caution should used executing any commands as they can cause downtime or even data loss for your store.

Create an admin user example

Lets look at creating an admin user through the panel. To start you need the following:

  1. Admin username
  2. A first name
  3. A last name
  4. An email address
  5. A password of at least 7 characters with both numeric and alphabetic characters

  6. Open your Stratus management panel and expand the Magento 

  7. Click CLI Commands to bring up the command wizard
  8. Select admin:user:create from the command selection dropdown.
  9. In the 2nd box, marked Step 2 for command arguments, add
    bash -–admin-user testuser1 -–admin-password ohyeah1234 -–admin-email -–admin-firstname mage -–admin-lastname wakka
    substituting for your preference
  10. Click Run Command near the bottom right. create user-81