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Real Time Logs

The Mojo Stratus real time logs section let you tail logs directly in your browser.

To view the logs:

  1. Open the Stratus management panel for your environment
  2. Scroll down the left-hand navigation menu to where it says Logs and click to expand
    real time logs-41

  3. Select the log you want to view from the list.  Some logs may not be available if their related service is off.

Using the real time logs

Once you have selected a log to view, you will see two areas. At the top is a box showing the log and the option to download the most recent log.

Below is the streaming section. Here there is a filter box and a larger output box.
output box-80

You can filter by simple terms or enter custom regex.  Click the Filter button after changing the terms field to apply.  And remember if you solve a problem with regex you might end up with two problems!

Output will stream in as traffic hits your site.  Use the filters to your advantage to narrow requests for debugging.

Varnish Utilities

Several Varnish utilities are available alongside the raw logs.  All Stratus services within your environment are containerized and certain tools for debugging Varnish do work through SSH access.  We have added the important ones for you.  The commands only work if the Varnish service is enabled.

  • Varnish Logs – shows output from the varnishlog command.
  • Varnish Histogram – displays the histogram of hits and misses from the varnishhist command
  • Varnish Cache Statistics – shows output from the varnishstat command
  • Varnish Top – shows output from the varnishtop command

Magento 2 added built-in Varnish support for its Full Page Cache.  But our support has seen a lot of issues with improper caching or the Full Page Cache not working at all due to 3rd party modules and themes.  The live streaming utilities are perfect for confirming whether a page or asset is being cached in the Varnish service.