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Stratus Info Page

The Info screen is the landing page for your Stratus environment.  Right now it has only two features:

  • Showing the account name
  • Showing the personalized name
  • Switching to a different environment under the same account

Account Name

The account name is assigned to your instance upon provisioning and it can not be changed.

Naming your environment (personalized name)

Customized names are helpful if you are managing many sites on Mojo Stratus.  Each environment can have its own name.  You might label them according to purpose. For example, if you have 3 instances on our Pro plan, where one is the live site and two are for development, you might name them as Development, Staging, and Live.  Update the name from the Info page by editing the text in the Personalized Name box and clicking Update

Your custom names are shown under your customer account going forward for easy browsing.

Instance names-93

Switching Stratus Environments

You can switch environments without going back to your customer account.

  1. From any Stratus management panel, click near the top of the left-hand navigation bar where your environment name is displayed.
    Click name-28
  2. A pop-up will appear, use the dropdown to select the environment you need, and click Change choose instance-86