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Configure Stratus GA Access for Billing

NOTE: A production instance will be billed for sessions even if you are using it as development server. In order to avoid this, you are welcome to use a * temporary domain and remove any non-mojostratus domains from under the URL section in your stratus panel.

Billing in Stratus is designed to be simple and predictable. Although Mojo Stratus is built on top of many Amazon services, which each have their own individual pricing schemes, our pricing is reduced to only three values.

  1. A regular monthly payment of a base price.
  2. A small charge per session as measured by Google Analytics. $0.005 per session over included sessions per month.
  3. A charge of $0.50 for every GB of storage used over included storage per month.

Through this simple system, server costs are reduced only what you use each month. And as your business grows, you can scale predictably and seamlessly.

Configuring Your Site For Google Analytics Billing

First you’ll need to create yourself a Google Analytics account- Setting up GA

Once the account is created and you have your Web Property Id you will need to add the code into your magento admin.

If your store is behind a proxy such as Cloudflare or Sucuri, you will need to whitelist a certain path for validation. Please check these instructions.

Magento 1 Stores

See Best ways to set up GA in Magento 1 from Shero Commerce

Magento 2 Stores

See MageStore Enabling GA in Magento 2

Grant MageMojo access

Finally you’ll need to grant access to allow the stratus billing system to get session data from your google analytics account.

  1. Log into your customer account on and go to My Stratus
  2. Pick the Stratus instance in question if you have more than and expand it.
  3. Near the top is a GA Code section similar to the screenshot below: Stratus GA
  4. At the bottom is this bit of text Your GA Account: Copy the stratus@… part for later steps. It may not match the example above and will differ on a per account basis.
  5. Go to:
  6. Click on the correct view for your stratus store, then click the ADMIN link on the lower left.
  7. Under the view column click user management.
  8. Add permissions for the email address from Step 3 with Read & Analyze permissions.

Once this access has been granted you’ll by able to verify your account on the My Stratus page:

After validation and go live, you will start to be charged based on session usage.  Please note MageMojo does not reimburse for excess sessions caused by bots or malicious traffic. We do block traffic based on a number of rules and use Amazon’s WAF to prevent this detailed at Stratus Traffic Limits