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Credit card or billing failure

When our billing system attempts to collect your monthly payment, it will email you if the payment fails.

Typically, this is due to the credit card being expired or a fraud hold from your card issuer. Other than verifying what card we tried to charge, we can only see that failed.  If you have verified the card in your customer account, please check with your bank or card issuer regarding the failure.

If your bank/issuer says there are no issues, please contact MageMojo Support.


If you are receiving the error: Unable to process payment at this time, google session processing must be completed before billing can resume. The payment was unsuccessful, please check your card details or with your bank for the reason it is being denied.,

This is due to the system's inability to pull session data from your Google Analytic's account. Please ensure that your GA billing is set up correctly and normal billing should resume within 24hrs.