Stratus CLI

The Stratus CLI is available to run cache clearing and a few other commands for ease of use in your deployments. All the commands are detailed below.

To get started you can type /usr/share/stratus/cli help

Then a list of commands is viewable with brief dscriptions.

The format is always /usr/share/stratus/cli <command> i.e. /usr/share/stratus/cli database.config

autoscaling.reinit – If you have autoscaling enabled, this command will issue a redeploy of PHP-FPM services and update code copied out to the various physical nodes. This is a rolling redeploy for zero instance downtime. The command executes asynchronously and will return before all the redeploy is completed. PLEASE NOTE: On average a redeploy takes several seconds.

cache.all.clear – Clears everything, CloudFront, PHP OpCache, Redis cache and Varnish (if applicable). CloudFront can take up to 15 minutes to clear on all the edge nodes.

cache.opcache.flush – Flush only the PHP OpCache.

cache.redis.clear – Flushes Redis, equivalent to redis-cli -h redis flushall.

cache.varnish.clear – Purges Varnish.

database.config – Returns your database credentials in JSON format.

magento.install – Installs latest Magento 2 – this is DESTRUCTIVE and will delete your data.

php.options.add – Lets you add PHP values such a memory_limit etc i.e. Ex. php.options.add memory_limit=4096M and so on

php.options.remove – The opposite of add in the same format.

For example, lets clear all the things!

magemojo@svc-magentoperformance-io:~$ /usr/share/stratus/cli cache.all.clear
{"args":["Result: {\"Memcache cache clear\": \"Success\", \"CloudFront cache invalidation\": \"Success\", \"Redis cache clear\": \"Success\", \"Varnish cache clear\": \"Success\", \"OPCache cache clear\": \"Success\"}"]}
2019-03-11T16:20:07+0000 Main loop terminated.

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