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Block countries you do not ship to

We recommend blocking access to your site from countries you do not ship to.  E-commerce stores, and Magento in particular, are popular targets for fraud and malicious traffic. By blocking those countries you reduce the likelihood of fraud and malware attacks.

Please note Russia is already blocked by default on all Stratus stores.

Blocking your list

  1. Open your Stratus control panel
  2. Click Access in the left-hand nav menu to expand it. Then click Block Countries Country Block
  3. Click Restrict Access for all countries not shipping to Country Block
  4. Wait a few moments, Stratus will scan your store database to determine which countries you have selected to ship to (or not) and block on the list accordingly.
  5. Click Update at the bottom of the screen to apply the blocks

Blocked countries are applied at the CloudFront distribution level to stop traffic before it reaches your application.