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Support Policy

At MageMojo, we take support very seriously. We want to be clear what is provided in our STRATUS service. Please review this policy to understand the breadth of our support service.

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to declare the extent and methods of support provided by MageMojo Hosting. We recommend that customers fully and carefully read this policy to completely understand our services. Our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy also applies to all customers.

All policies are subject to change without prior notice.

2. Backup of Data

Customers must also maintain their own regular backups offsite according to their own needs and schedule.

MageMojo maintains backups for our own disaster recovery purposes. We take at least one daily backup of all files and databases on your service with backup retention for all files and databases for no more than seven (7) days.

See also Offsite Backup Strategies

MageMojo will attempt to perform partial or full file restores, or whole databases in full, from our disaster recovery backups. We will attempt to make a copy of an older database available if the customer wants to reconcile any changes on their own.

3. Support Methods

Technical and Billing support must be submitted via an account registered on using our ticket portal.

Sales inquiries can always be emailed directly via or our Sales phone line at +1 (800) 217-8142

4. Technical Support Availability

Technical support is available via our portal 24/7/365 with a 15 minute response time SLA (for most plans; consult your plan specifics for details). We do not make any guarantees or offer SLAs on resolution time.

See our Service Level Agreement page for more details on our Uptime Guarantee.

Please do not submit multiple tickets about the same issue or it will delay resolution and work on your issue.

5. Support Scope

MageMojo provides support for its server services and guarantees the core requirements for Magento 1 and 2 are available. Issues caused by failures of these services to run Magento properly or missing core requirements will be investigated and corrected by MageMojo.

a. Supported

MageMojo Support does offer the following services:

  • Free migrations for new STRATUS instances or purchases
  • Performance reviews for Magento 1 and 2
  • Investigation of Magento 1 and 2 issues to determine if they are hosting related.
    • If an issue is hosting related, we will make the proper configuration changes or adjustments
    • If an issue is not hosting related, typically a code bug or similar, we will make recommendations but no changes to our services
  • Assistance using our services such as our website, customer panels, and configuration inquiries
  • File and database restorations per our restoration policy from Section 2.

b. Not Supported

MageMojo Support will not perform the following services for you and in general we assume our customers possess a basic knowledge of computers, particularly webservers and related services required for managing an e-commerce website.

  • Support in languages other then English. While we have a diverse customer base and staff, we can only guarantee effective communication in English
    • Related to this, on sites that are not primarily in English, we will rely on in-browser translation and make a best effort. If the different language (such as languages using non-Western alphabets) interferes or prevents our troubleshooting then service is no longer guaranteed
  • Basic site administration and management, including but not limited to:
    • Data imports/exports (with exception to full database imports/dumps as related to migrations and other tasks)
    • Processing orders/shipments
    • Other basic tasks that fall under the merchant or developers responsibilities such as file management, reindexing (except as pertains to a server related error for testing), basic cache management and so on
  • Development related tasks including but not limited to:
    • Theme or module installation
    • Committing code to versioning systems
    • Optimize code
    • Alter site code in any way
    • Pushing dev sites to live
    • Varnish hole punching
    • Debugging Magento upgrades
  • 3rd party services including but not limited to:
    • External DNS, we assume customers using their own DNS know how to manage it
    • External CDN's and firewalls such as Cloudflareand Sucuri
  • Non-Magento web applications or frameworks

6. Billing Inquiries

Billing tickets have no SLA or guarantees. They will processed as soon as possible in all cases within 72 hours.

7. Sales Inquiries

Our sales team will always respond as soon as possible to all our potential customers.

8. Routine Maintenance

MageMojo will perform routine maintenance which may cause downtime not applicable to our uptime SLA.