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How Migrations Work

We will not rush our migration process under any circumstances. We will try to make accommodations, but you should plan for several days to pass between the initial copy and the final switchover to your MageMojo server.

Moving your site between hosts can be a difficult process, especially for our smaller store owners who may not have technical staff on hand. Fortunately, with all our new signups migrations are included at no extra cost. We will work directly with you to migrate a copy of your site, get it working on your server at MageMojo, and prepare it for the final switchover to get your store live on our servers. We never charge extra for migrations.


Migrations consist of several stages:

After we provision your server, we will send an email via our ticket system asking for details about your current hosting and DNS settings via the form below:

Domain(s) to be migrated:

Path to files on current host (i.e /var/www or /home/username/www):

Control Panel URL: Control Panel Username: Control Panel Password:

SSH URL: SSH Username: SSH Password:

DNS Registrar URL: DNS Registrar Username: DNS Registrar Password:

Depending on your current host and situation, you may not have access to all of this information. If you have a developer or webmaster person in your employ, they may know these details, otherwise, the best source for this information is your current hosts’ support.

At a minimum, we need SSH access to dump your store database and sync the site files over, which is very important for the final switch over. If this is not possible, we can use a pre-made archive and some server panels (such as cPanel) allow backups to be made through them.

If you will be managing DNS yourself and not using our nameservers, or will switch the nameservers yourself, we do not need that access.

Initial Migration

Once MageMojo support has verified access to your current server, we will do the following:

Dump the existing database(s) to a file Sync the files and database dump to the new MageMojo server Copy any SSL certificates we can access for your site Copy any extra frameworks/databases we detect such as WordPress blogs integrated into your store Setup and import your database at MageMojo Configure the vhost for your store Set the base URLs to a temporary domain (typically your MageMojo server hostname) or the server IP Confirm the site loads Review your site for performance Review your site for malware (PHP backdoors etc) Review your site for missing patches and security updates Internally, we also conduct a second review after a technician completes the initial migration. The second tech checks that everything above was completed correctly and nothing was missed.

After we confirm the site appears to be working as expected, we will update you for testing with a link to the migrated site and separate emails detailing the initial server setup and migration instructions.

Review and Testing

During review, you should do at least the items on the list below. The purpose of the review period is to make sure everything you need is working for your store. Try to test the site as you would normally use it. Make changes in the Magento admin and test any business critical custom scripts or cron tasks you rely on.

Check your categories, product pages and try doing a search. You don’t have to check them all, just sample a few Add a product to your cart Check for any redirects or blocks that should be present If you have special pricing rules or coupons verify they are working. Login to your Magento admin. Make sure you can login ok. Check for any Magento extensions that require licenses. Make sure they are functioning and that you do not need an updated license. Login to MHM Admin panel. Make sure you can login ok. View your cron jobs in STRATUS Admin panel and make sure all crons are listed. View your add-on domains and/or subdomains under URLSs. Make sure any that were setup on your old host are present here.

Finalization and Going Live

If the review is successful and any problems that were identified were corrected, our staff will ask what time you would like to schedule the final switch over. In general, we will do the following during your average switchover:

Set maintenance mode at your old site to prevent orders Resync the database with a fresh copy from your old host Clear the site cache at MageMojo Update the nameservers Then your site will appear live, but due to DNS propagation, you may not see this immediately. We recommend scheduling the final migration for a low traffic/off-hours time to minimize impact to your customers, if possible.