1. Our Support

Our Support

Our managed services cover darn near anything; server related that comes standard with all our plans.  However, don’t let that stop you from requesting special software to have installed, or any other utility you might need. Despite having our custom panel, it is not very invasive, and there is only a handful of exceptions regarding what we can and cannot install for you.

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask. We may not support a particular program or utility, but we are always open to feedback, and there is a chance we may consider rolling it into to our default deployment!

Additional software we regularly install includes:

  • NodeJs
  • Elasticsearch
  • Sphinx
  • Solr
  • Git
  • Almost any other version control system
  • Varnish

Will you install any modules?

Yes, these modules are all caching related:

  • Lesti FPC
  • Turpentine (for Varnish)

However, we cannot guarantee these modules will not cause problems on your store and troubleshoot them on a site to site basis.

What does MageMojo not support?

Currently, we do not support or manage the following, though this list is not all-inclusive. Our support when it comes to your site code is that we advise but do not do.  This means we can help pinpoint code issues but if it requires code updates a developer will be needed.

  • Specific email clients
  • Your website code and related repositories/version control.
  • Installing or updating themes and Magento modules.
  • Varnish aside from the initial setup and vhost configuration, it is you/your dev’s responsibility to execute proper hole punching. See note on this below.
  • Vanity nameservers like ns1.mydomain.com, if you need this a 3rd party DNS service should be used.
  • Pushing dev sites to live, we can copy things for you, but you must make the final switch.
  • WordPress, it will run here but we cannot debug or install it for you as we would with Magento.

Varnish hole punching

Varnish is not something that is turned on and just makes your site faster automatically without any configuration or further thought. It is easy to install and set running, but in most cases a Magento store will break immediately.  Turpentine (the one and only module to use for Varnish under Magento 1.x) has various methods to help with hole-punching to keep dynamic elements work, but you may also have to modify your theme with ESI policies.  Read this link – https://github.com/nexcess/magento-turpentine/wiki/ESI_Cache_Policy

The short version of this story, is that for Varnish to keep everything working, you want exclude dynamic elements like the cart. Turpentine does some of this out of the box but it won’t fit every site.  The best advice here is to think hard about Varnish and whether you have the tech support from your dev or somewhere else to make this work.  We can support Varnish with regards to its server configuration and installing Turpentine but not your site and theme.