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None of my site changes appear in Magento 2


If you are having trouble making product or theme changes on your Magento 2 site show up, there are numerous caches that might need to be cleared.  In no particular order, check all of these sources.

  • Re-deploy static files (clear pub/static, then deploy)
  • Re-compile or reset production mode (this also clears static files)
  • Flush and clean the Magento 2 cache
  • Clear your local browser cache or test with an incognito tab in Chrome or private tab in Firefox
  • Use /usr/share/stratus/cli cache.all.clear

Clearing Varnish

The easiest way to do this without root is to go to Mojo Host Manager, via Users and Websites, find the Advanced Options for your website, then in the Varnish drop down, disable Varnish, hit Save, then go back re-enable it. This is guaranteed to flush Varnish for you.

Autoscaling reinit

If autoscaling is ON and the changes you made are in a folder that is included in the configuration, you may need to rescale. You can do this with the /usr/share/stratus/cli autoscaling.reinit command.