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Whitelisting your IP for SSH

Whitelisting is required for both SSH and phpMyAdmin access.  On the server side, the panel updates the hosts.allow file with the appropriate IPs as this list is edited.  Depending on your ISP your IP may change, and our whitelisting does accept IPs in CIDR format (i.e. if you need to whitelist a range.  There are many free sites that will show your external IP, or you can check your local router if you are at home. If you work from an office, you may also need to contact your local IT staff.

Adding your IP

  1. Select the Whitelist link from the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click Add new whitelist in the next column to open the whitelisting form
  3.  In the blank form to the right, add your IP address, and select SSH,phpMyAdmin, or AllAll is the best option if you plan to use phpMyAdmin. The screenshot below shows an IP added that is cleared to access SSH only.
  4. Save your change by clicking the Update button at the lower right corner of the form.
Updated on July 27, 2017

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