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View Your Servers

If you click the My Servers link within your customer account, you will see a large list with various sections for each of your servers. Each section is outlined below for you.

  1. Log into your customer account at MageMojo.com
  2. Click My Servers from the left-hand menu
  3. Select the appropriate server name from the list that appears to expand all the server information
  4. The control panel section contains a link to Mojo Host Manager


This section lists your server hostname, the primary IP applied, uptime, and hardware resources available (# of cores, RAM, etc).

Control Panel

Here you will find links to our control panel Mojo Host Manager.  The links will take you to a separate page where you can manage your server settings and websites.

Magento Installs

Our system automatically scans your server for Magento install and reports basic information about your stores.  Besides the version and location, you can also view any missing patches which our support can help apply. Most Magento patches are security critical and your store is at risk if you are not up to date.

Account Access

As detailed under Access for developers and verifying access with our support, if you have 3rd parties or additional staff members who need access to the same information and server panel under My Servers, you can add their emails here.

Patching Options

As new updates are released for Magento, we have the option of applying them automatically. This does not occur for new stores, rather we only auto-update when a brand new patch is released. If you need older patches applied please contact support@magemojo.com/kb and read more at Magento Auto Patching

You can also sign up for our weekly patch emails that will notify you of any missing patches for all Magento installs on your servers.

Autoscaling Options

Our autoscaling service helps add more cores when you need it. Running a promotion? Use this service, read more at CPU Autoscaling

Server Alert Contacts

Emails registered here will get copies of alerts from our monitoring system. These alerts cover a wide range of situations from low disk space to high memory usage.

Updated on July 27, 2017

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