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System adminstration for site owners and developers

Due to MageMojo’s managed support, most of the mundane day to day system management is already taken care of for you. However, there are cases where you may want to have deeper access or know more about the entire software stack when troubleshooting or using software other than Magento.

MageMojo Server Specifications

Currently, all new MageMojo servers and our panel – Mojo Host Manager – utilize CentOS as the base operating system, on version 6.x.  Most documentation outside of MageMojo for Linux CLI usage and other basic tasks apply to our servers that do not use jailed shells or anything restrictive (aside from the lack of sudo or root privileges). Click here to read general information regarding CentOS

The entire server is virtualized, but not on cloud infrastructure, enabling us to offer the speed of dedicated servers with the ease of setup and management that virtualization provides.  Furthermore, MageMojo servers do not share resources like the CPU and memory under any circumstances. Cores and memory assigned to your server are used by your site and yours alone.  Thus, we refer to our offerings as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS).

Many agencies and individual developers come to MageMojo for their hosting needs. Adjustment to a developer’s workflow to our software stack often proceeds without a hitch. But sometimes the little difference between your previous host, your local development environment, and our stack create complexity in even the simplest of issues when trying to debug and troubleshoot.  This guide contains insight into our software stack and pointers on where to start digging should bugs come up with any site hosted here.  And by knowing our server setup, you can avoid looking in the wrong place when trying to find that one log you know exists.

As of this writing, all new servers at MageMojo run Centos 6.x with our internally developed server panel – Mojo Host Manager.  While the base Centos install is not very different compared to what you might get from public releases, our panel does control many of the configurations on it. Some of these configuration files on the server should not be edited by hand (via shell etc.) because our panel and configuration management system will overwrite any changes made. Keeping that in mind, due to the nature of our managed hosting, we do not provide root access by default.  Though there are some exceptions to this, we will address those later on.

Without root or specific software, I cannot host with you, what happens then?

Despite managing everything with a level of detail more commonly associated with food descriptions in the Game of Thrones novels, we are more than open to providing access for custom software installation or installing a particular piece of software for you on a given server. Rarely we run into exceptions where they would conflict with the entire server or some critical service (such as installing cPanel, we will not install cPanel or other software suites that effectively take over server management).

Example of software and technology various customers are using at MageMojo include –

New Relic monitoring tools
ERP software
Python version X.x
Anything else that can run on CentOS 6
But I work for a firm or agency, and we have an extensive set of deployment protocols.

If you are a group of developers or firm working on a site or servers here at MageMojo, we are happy to assist with getting your existing workflows and deployment tools active.  We also keep internal notes about servers and various firms with multiple servers that we can use to add automatically software packages to any new server added to your company.

If your group has special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact support@MageMojo.com at any time.

Updated on August 2, 2017

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