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Stratus Getting Started

The My Stratus Page

The My Stratus page contains information about your service as well as the management of your billing and google analytics accounts. From here you can grant access to other users who can have access to your stratus services, manage your options for autopatching of Magento 1 stores as well as link to the site control panel, admin and frontend.

First we can check out your new install by clicking the Front-End. This is a permalink to your site on the mojostratus.io domain that will always be accessable.

Resetting Your Admin Password

As part of the setup a magento admin user was created with your account email as the username. To retreive the password first launch your admin.

Use the forgot password link to set your login password.

Mojo Stratus is built to use our Mojo Most Manager control panel. This is available from the My Stratus page as well. You will need to be logged into your magemojo.com account to access the control panel. Additional guides on using the control panel and managing your site are available at: https://magemojo.com/kb/topics/stratus/

Setting Up Your Domain

In the Stratus control panel the domain you listed at time of checkout is listed in your website list.

Mojo Stratus utilizes Amazon Cloudfront as a built in CDN and loadbalancing mechanism. Cloudfront requires an SSL certificate to be installed before it can listen on any domain. Any domain that is registered on the websites page will need to by included in your SSL certificate.

To set your domain to be managed on the stratus platform. You’ll need to set the nameservers at your DNS registrar. The nameserver information is available on the My Stratus page in the DNS Information section.

If you are using an external service to manage your dns you can create a cname record pointing to the cloudfront name of your stratus instance.

Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account

See Stratus Billing to set up Google Analytics access so we can measure your session usage.

What do to now ?

Check these articles for basic access and usage guides on the tech side of Stratus

Updated on July 4, 2018

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