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Redis Cache Magento 1

The Redis server service is already running on the default port on all Mojo Host Manager based servers. To move your Magento cache into Redis, you only need to edit the local.xml file for your Magento install. This is located in app/etc. for any Magento 1.X install.

Enabling Redis Cache

Open your local.xml file and add this block within the <global> section.

Database Numbers

The above snippet will work for single sites without issue. But if you are hosting multiple sites on the same server and want to use Redis on all of them, you must change the <database> value to some other number for each site. Each Magento site should have its own unique database number between 0 and 15. If you do not do this, you may see strange behavior as the cached data conflicts across the sites.


The default port of 6379 is used at MageMojo

Updated on August 2, 2017

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