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Recommended Extensions

What extensions do you recommend?

OneStepCheckout – Has a far better checkout process than the default Magento checkout.  Plus the support has always been excellent. We also like the little things that it does such as not only adds a subscribe to newsletter checkbox but also references the current newsletter status of the email address.  So if they’re already opted in, it does show it again. One of many well thought out features.

Aheadworks Help Desk – Managing customer support by checking an email account works fine for mom and pop. But once you start getting more than a handful of requests per week, it makes far more sense to setup a helpdesk. It’s not hard to install and once setup it will significantly increase your customer support satisfaction level.

Aheadworks Blog – No frills blog extension that integrates nicely into your overall theme.  All the features you need without the added headaches of WordPress.

Mxperts Newsemail – Turn off the email notifications sent to customers after subscribing.

Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing – Fast Asynchronous Re-indexing allows you to speed up products saving in a catalog and reduce loads on the server.

Cache Extensions

Lesti FPC – This free full page cache can help boost store performance and is the next best thing until you start using Varnish.  An excellent alternative to the various paid FPCs out there.

Turpentine Varnish Cache – Until Magento 2 with Varnish support comes out; this is the only decent option if you want to use Varnish caching with your Magento store.

Alternative file uploader

Detailed here – https://github.com/fbrnc/Aoe_FilePicker this is a great option if you are having issues after 8788

Updated on July 25, 2017

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