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You can manage email accounts and email domains via the Email Accounts area, from the left-hand navigation menu in Mojo Host Manager. Once in this section, you may choose the domain you want to add/manage accounts for by selecting one of the icons on the right side of the screen matching your domain. Then you have the option of adding an email account or adjusting the email domain settings as needed.

Add an account

  1. Log into Mojo Host Manager
  2. Click Email Accounts from the left-hand menu
  3. Select the Email Domain you want to create an account under
  4. Click Add new email as show in the screenshot below
  5.  With a domain selected, you will see a button labeled Add Email Address on the left side of the main view, at the bottom of a list if any email accounts already exist. A blank form will appear.Enter the following data into the form:
  • Username – The name on the account like Joe which will be an email address
  • Enabled – Set to yes or the account will not work. You can use this feature to disable accounts without removing them.
  • Password – Enter or generate a password.
  • Forward Emails to Another Address – This option disables the email account effectively, and all mail to the address will go to the forwards listed.
  • Autoresponder Subject and Message – This is a vacation setting should you need to send an out of office message.

Accessing Mail Accounts

Webmail is available for any Mojo Host Manager based server via port 2096 go to to access webmail. The full email address should be entered as the username.

Using a mail client

These are the email ports available for any email client. The exact settings need may vary by client so try a different port for a given service should one combination not work correctly for you.

NOTE: Many mail clients require that you use the full ‘’ format when entering the Username on a new mail account.

Mail Incoming/Outgoing Server :
SMTP Port : 25 *** Some ISP’s block SMTP port 25 ***
SMTP Port w/SSL : 465, 587
SMTP Authentication Enabled : (same as pop/imap user and pass)
POP3 Port (no encryption) : 110
POP3 Port w/SSL : 995
IMAP (no encryption) : 143
IMAP w/SSL : 993

Updated on December 13, 2017

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