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Connecting with SSH

In order to use SSH, you will need —

Once you have confirmed the above information, you can connect via your preferred SSH client, using the following settings:

You should immediately connect if the user/password combination are correct.  If you see a message such as:

Assuming your IP is whitelisted, you can connect with credentials like the example below:then your IP is not correctly whitelisted.

HOST: example.magemojo.com/kb

USER: example-user

PASS: example-password-here

PORT: 22

Use the above credentials (filled in with your settings) in your SSH client and connect.  A successful connection will leave you at a prompt similar to below.

For more information, try:


My client keeps timing out

Now you can execute various commands, manipulate files.  Most regular Linux commands will work.  If you want to see everything, you can use the compgen command to see what is available in various forms.

Our sshd configuration does not specify a timeout though you may still experience session disconnects. Outside of network issues, this may be avoided by adjusting the KeepAlive setting in your SSH client. You may also want to use the screen utility, which will preserve a shell even if you disconnect, especially for very long running tasks.

If you misplaced your password, you could easily reset the password by clicking on the User tab followed by the user you wish to change the password. On the next screen, you should be able to spot where to change your password. When done, use this with your SSH client to connect.

 I would like to use SSH keys, how do I do this?

Not a problem, keys can be managed via our panel, as well. First go to the System User section and select the appropriate user (or add a new one). Then near the bottom of the form click Show Advanced Options.  You will see three separate boxes and an option to generate key pair.

Here you can –

  • Generate a new keypair
  • Import your own key
  • Add authorized keys

Add or generate a key to the appropriate fields and hit Save to apply changes. Then you can connect using a key in your favorite SSH client.

Connection refused?

If your IP is not whitelisted, you will not be able to connect to the SSH server/service at all! Double check that you have the correct IP in the whitelist for your server.

Updated on November 30, 2017

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