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Configure Magento 2 for Performance

If you have just installed Magento 2, the default settings are not intended for production use. A fresh Magento 2 install will have the following settings that affect performance –

The most common mistake with going live or into production with Magento 2 is not enabling Varnish for the FPC and deploying production mode.  Production mode enables compilation in Magento 2 and adds a significant performance boost (faster page loads).

Varnish should also be enabled for the built-in FPC.  While static files are required for your theme and other updates.

Merged css should not be enabled and will degrade performance. This is a current bug in Magento 2 awaiting resolution.

Optimal Settings in Magento 2

At a minimum, make sure all these settings are set as follows for performance.

  • Mode is set to Production
  • FPC is enabled using Varnish
  • PHP 7 enabled for your vhost
  • Flat products and categories enabled
  • All caches enabled
Updated on July 22, 2017

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